• Gossip columnist Liz Smith has died. She was 94. 
  • Former Vice-President Joe Biden says he's not sure that him running for president in 2020 is "the right thing to do." That, perhaps, it could be time for new blood. 
  • Olympic fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad is having a Barbie created in her likeness, which will be the first Barbie to wear a hijab. 
  • One of Bill Gates' investment firms has spent $80 million to kickstart the development of a brand-new community in the far West Valley of Phoenix. 
  • New Delhi officials are considering a limit on the use of private cars amid a grimy cloud of pollution so foul that United Airlines has halted flights to India's capital. 
  • He's got the ring. So, Houston's Carlos Beltran announced his retirement yesterday after a 20-year MLB career. 
  • Amazon is going to produce a TV series, based on "Lord of the Rings." 
  • A new book claims that the Stevie Nicks and Lindsay Buckingham relationship in Fleetwood Mac was an abusive one. 
  • People with a history of "self-mutilation," bipolar disorder, depression and drug and alcohol abuse can now seek waivers to join the U.S. Army. 
  • Some conservatives are destroying their Keurig coffee machines in protest of the company pulling ads from Sean Hannity's show over his coverage of the sexual misconduct allegations levied at Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore. 
  • The 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon has begun showing up at dealerships. The limited-production, 6.2-liter Hemi V-8 engine delivers 840 horsepower. Dodge is calling it the industry's first street-legal production drag car. The National Hot Rod Association has certified it as the world's fastest quarter-mile production vehicle. 
  • "Supergirl" co-star Jeremy Jordan said he was hospitalized Thursday and "almost died" after eating at Chipotle last week. 
  • Last year, four times as many women were having their breast implants removed as those who were having new ones put in. 
  • A Florida man is being charged with DUI on a riding lawnmower. 
  • Bitcoin values have plunged more than 25% in the past four days. 
  • The game of Clue, the Paper Airplane and the Wiffle Ball have all been inducted into the Toy Hall of Fame. 
  • Former Star Trek actor George Takei is now facing allegations about sexual misbehavior, going back to 1981. 
  • Major League pitcher Josh Beckett was arrested for public intoxication in Texas on Friday night. Beckett allegedly jumped on stage and tackled the lead singer of a country music band. 
  • San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Marquise Goodwin played Sunday's game against the New York Giants hours after learning about the death of his infant son. 
  • A 23-year-old Arizona exorcist claims to have cast out 2,000 demons in the past 10 years. 
  • Hasbro is making a takeover bid for its struggling rival Mattel. 
  • Robby the Robot from the 1956 movie "Forbidden Planet" is going up on the auction block. 
  • Fidget Spinners that tested positive for lead have been pulled from Target stores. 


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