Writer Alicia Marie tells Men's Health how to "polish your golden tongue":

What do you do here in (insert city)?
This gives her a chance to talk about herself, and gives you a chance to see what makes her tick. And respect her answer. When she informs you of her proctology residency, assume she's already been the butt of every heinie joke from here to Uranus.

You have an amazing voice.
Casually refer to a nonsexually focused physical trait that you find captivating to set her juices a flow. Opt for the oft over looked: hair, skin, hands, smile. Avoid anything that sets you up as a fetishist, like "nice feet." And keep it simple. Leave the limpid pools to dead poets.

What do you do when you're not...
Another fast way to jump start talk. And you'll set yourself apart from the last guy by remembering what she does in the first place and acknowledging that she probably does something besides wear shiny, wet lip gloss really, really well.

Let's just say science wasn't my strength.
Yes, boys, the humble man who isn't afraid to admit he has a couple of minor weaknesses is unbelievably sexy if it's not overdone. If possible, follow up such admissions with a strong point, like "but I can cook a mean etouffee." This is not, however, permission to start listing things you such at. Be prudent.

Did you read about that car that runs on Chinese food and beer?
Talk about something you read, saw, or experienced recently. Current events are ripe fodder for interesting conversation, but keep it light and avoid no-winners like politics and religion. And anything having to do with you or your buddy's bodily functions.


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