On this date in 1755. George Washington planted pecan trees given to him by Thomas Jefferson. They came along with a nice note that says, "Hey George -- nuts to you!!"

In 1845, a patent was awarded for adhesive medicated plaster. That was back in the days before band aids. So, if you got injured, you'd say, "I need to get plastered!" Actually, I still say that.

On this date in In 1857, Frederick Laggenheim took the first photograph of a solar eclipse. It made for the weirdest Christmas card ever.

In 1872, a patent was given for a new invention: the fire extinguisher.
  • Isn't that called "water?" 
  • The problem was, it only worked on the first fire. Not the second, not the third. 
  • The best way to sell a lot of those at one time and fast: a fire sale. 
  • No surprise how the inventor extinguished those candles on the cake. 

On this date in 1885, the Eastman Film Company developed the first motion picture film. Well, they didn't develop it... they made it... it was shot and then it was developed.

In 1934, driving tests were introduced in Britain. You'd think after all this time, they'd finally figure out the right side of the road.

On this date in 1950, South Dakota received an all-time record amount of snowfall: 38 inches in 24 hours.
  • Kids were able to go outside and make 3-D snow angels. 
  • There was so much snow, you had to dig down 10-feet just to clear your roof! 
  • It happened so quickly, most farmers say that day, that the cows all gave ice cream instead of milk. 
In 1953, Dr. Jonas Salk announced a new vaccine against polio... to which his boss said, "No, I said 'Polo'!"


Wow! 9 months from today, we'll be hitting the after-Christmas sales.

Keira Knightley is all of 33 today. She was actually in "Star Wars: the Phantom Menace" as Sabe, the decoy queen. Amazing, when you think about it, that she spent most of her 20s making "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies. She didn't do them all because she didn't want them to become a Knightley event.

Kenny Chesney hits the big 5-0 today. He was married to Renee Zellweger for almost a full four months.
  • Even more rare than a black and white Picasso painting -- a picture of Kenny without a hat. 
  • I don't mean to say he's laid back, but he makes Jimmy Buffett look like a workaholic! 
  • I know, I know... you think his tractor's sexy. 

"Dirty Dancing" star Jennifer Grey turns 58 today. Of course, her nose is much younger.

Martin Short, that guy who used to be on "Saturday Night Live," turns 68 today. After SNL, he went on to become known as that guy who used to be on "Saturday Night Live."

Vicki Lawrence turns 69. She's getting closer to the day when she won't have to put on makeup to do "Mama's Family." Trivia: She had a number one hit in 1973, "The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia."

Diana Ross turns 74 today. Once a Supreme, always a Supreme. Back in her day, the Supremes meant great Motown music. Today, it's the upper end of the menu at Jack in the Box.


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