What a Great Way to Start Adulthood
It was Charlie Lagarde's very first day as a legal adult - her 18th birthday - and she managed to set herself up financially for life! Young Miss Lagarde of Canada celebrated her 18th birthday by purchasing a lottery ticket and a bottle of champagne (which 18-year-olds can legally do in Quebec) and ended up winning the jackpot of $1,000 Canadian dollars (around $780 US) a week for life! Lagarde collected the prize this week after taking time to decide she wanted the untaxed weekly payment instead of a lump sum of $1 million Canadian dollars. Lottery officials say the winning scratch card was her first-ever lottery ticket. She says she now plans to travel and study photography. She says she hopes to one day work at National Geographic. (BBC)

Ironic Goodness!
A man who lived and worked at Trinity Episcopal Church in Vero Beach, Florida, got his arm stuck in the church drop box when he "tried to steal the money for drugs," according to local police. Charles Hinckley, 34, was arrested on burglary charges after officers responded to a call for help and found Hinckley's right arm was bleeding heavily. After officers freed him from the drop box, he was transported to Indian River County Medical Center for treatment. Detectives said Hinckley admitted to stealing money from the drop box multiple times, along with other thefts of church property. He's now in jail on $1,000 bond and detectives are investigating other possible charges. (TC Palm)

Now That's a Cool Spring Break Story
During their spring break, three young Mississippi boys decided to explore their family property - and found part of a mastodon jawbone! The two brothers and a cousin made the discovery on plowed land near Bovina, a small community east of the Mississippi River. They initially thought their find was a log, then saw that it had teeth. Lynett Welch, mother of the two brothers, says her husband took the item to the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science in Jackson, where paleontology curator George Phillips confirmed it was a lower left jawbone from a mastodon. Phillips says finding half of a mastodon's lower jaw is "very extraordinary." (Vicksburg Post)

Throw a Hot Burrito - Go Directly to Jail
In Casper, Wyoming, police arrested 20-year-old Gage L. Fisher for allegedly throwing a hot burrito at his younger sister, resulting in a burn on her left arm. The mother of both Fisher and the victim told the officer that the two had gotten into an argument about a cup, with Fisher believing his younger sister had taken the cup from which he had been drinking. The mother told Fisher to leave the house in order to defuse the situation. Fisher then became angry at his mother for taking his sister's side and reportedly threw a hot burrito, "which had just been removed from the microwave," at his sister. The burrito hit her arm and caused a burn. The officer photographed the girl's left arm and saw a red mark "consistent with something hot, like a burrito, striking her," according to the affidavit. Fisher, who reportedly had failed to appear in court, failed to comply with a court order or failed to pay as ordered by a judge seven times in Natrona County, was then arrested. (

The True Horror of Rubber Duckies
Grow up playing with rubber duckies in the bathtub did you? Well both Swiss and American scientists have bad news. Those cute yellow bath-time toys are - as some parents have long suspected - a haven for nasty germs and bacteria. Researchers counted the microbes swimming inside the toys and say the murky liquid released when ducks were squeezed contained "potentially pathogenic bacteria" in four out of the five toys studied. The bacteria found included Legionella and Pseudomonas aeruginosa, a bacterium that is "often implicated in hospital-acquired infections." The study by the Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology, ETH Zurich and the University of Illinois was published Tuesday in the journal Biofilms and Microbiomes. It's billed as one of the first in-depth scientific examinations of its kind. Known for their squeaks and eulogized in a Sesame Street song on TV, rubber duckies have been a childhood bath-time staple for years. Online vendor lists one such offering - advertised as water-tight to prevent mildew - among the top 10 sellers in its "Baby Bath Toys" category. (AP News)

Oh Come On Amazon!!
An exasperated Amazon customer has posted a video of 62-feet of wrapping paper snaking through his house - that was used to "protect" a bag of dog food. Nick Taylor said the box used to deliver the bag of food was "big enough to live in" and claimed the food didn't need to be packaged at all. He posted the video to Amazon's Facebook page. Nick bought a 26-pound bag of Eukanuba dog food and told Amazon: "So ordered a bag of dog food, which can be delivered as is. No need for packaging. It arrives in a box big enough to live in and with 62-feet of brown paper. I'm seriously considering going somewhere else to buy things it's a joke!" On Facebook Nick was advised by Amazon to report his packaging issues via a link. (Mirror)

What the What?
So here's a question: If you kneel down and pray right before robbing a store - does God listen? New York City police are looking for a man who decided to say a quick prayer before breaking into the storefront of a clothing store. Surveillance video shows the unidentified thief taking off his hat as he unknowingly as he looks into the surveillance camera, then makes the sign of the cross. He is then seen taking a large stone and throwing it into the window. Police say the devout man broke into Ziani Fine Italian Clothing in Brooklyn and ran off with about 18 pieces of clothing. Authorities are still looking for the suspect, who is shown wearing a black baseball cap and a black jacket. (


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