• Playboy is the latest company to say they're going to deactivate its Facebook accounts and leave the social network amid escalating concerns about the platform's mismanagement of user data. 
  • How many attended last weekend's March for our Lives rally in Washington, DC? NBC claimed the number was 800,000, while CBS says it was more like 200,000. 
  • Savannah Guthrie is having a sense of humor about saying "s-" on Today during Wednesday morning's show. She thought her microphone was off. It wasn't. 
  • Walmart is removing Cosmo from their checkout lines. 
  • Corey Feldman said on Twitter that he was stabbed Wednesday night and has been hospitalized after what he's calling an "attempted homicide." 
  • Millennials are changing the way we sleep. Apparently, they don't feel the need for a top sheet. 
  • Frank S. Page, a prominent Southern Baptist leader, has resigned because of a "morally inappropriate" relationship. 
  • NBC's Football Night in America broadcast will NOT have Dan Patrick as host when it returns this fall. His contract was over and he said he didn't want to make a 5-year commitment. 
  • Adam Nimoy, son of the late "Star Trek" icon Leonard Nimoy, and "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" actress Terry Farrell married on Monday. That date would have been Leonard Nimoy's 87th birthday. 
  • Did you know that George Clooney appeared on the Roseanne show from 1988 to 1991 as Booker Brooks, Roseanne's co-worker and love interest of Jackie? He's turned down the chance to come back to the reboot. 
  • Paris Hilton had lost her $2 million engagement ring... but it has since been found. 
  • Caroline Sunshine -- best known for her role as Tinka Hessenheffer on the hit Disney show, "Shake It Up" -- is taking a job in the White House press office. 
  • Although Chrissy Teigen and Tiffany Haddish aren't saying who allegedly sunk her teeth into Beyonce at JAY-Z's December concert after party in Los Angeles, a new report claims the unnamed celebrity is Love & Basketball star Sanaa Lathan. 
  • K-Pop fans are mourning the loss of 100% boyband member Seo Minwoo, who was found dead in his home March 25th. He was 33. 
  • The Windows 10 Spring Creators Update will be available starting April 10. 
  • Tyra Banks revealed that she had a nose job early in her career. 
  • Lincoln is bringing back their Aviator model after more than a decade. 
  • Scientists are now saying that little rubber ducky the kids play with in the bathtub is actually a haven for bacteria and full of germs. Thought you should know. 
  • New York City may ban employers from sending out work e-mails after hours. 
  • Starbucks is opening a store in a National Park for the first time at Yosemite. 
  • A survey says 1 in 5 Americans want the 2nd Amendment of the Bill of Rights to be repealed. 
  • The Red Sox have baseball's top Opening Day payroll. 
  • Courtney Love reportedly owes $560,000 in unpaid taxes and says she has gone through $27 million in Nirvana money. 
  • The new NFL Catch Rule was passed unanimously. 
  • The Roseanne reboot debuted with 18.2 million people tuned in. 


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