• Mark Burnett and Roma Downey's 20-year-old son has been hospitalized, four years after having brain tumor surgery. 
  • A new study claims that obesity kills off taste buds. 
  • Beer heir Billy Busch is being charged after pushing an 11-year-old into a wall at a basketball game. 
  • Add another to the list. Southeastern Grocers, owner of the Bi-Lo and Winn-Dixie supermarket chains, filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy yesterday. 
  • Another study says that the happiest teens use their phones and digital media less than an hour a day. 
  • A very odd-looking cloud was seen over Arizona, California and Mexico Monday night. 
  • The rumor in D.C. is that Paul Ryan will resign as the Speaker of the House in the next 30-60 days. 
  • The CDC is warning that a second wave of the flu virus is probably coming so don't slow down on your hand-washing. 
  • In South Carolina, a clown is running for congress. Steve Lough is a former clown for Ringing Brothers and Barnum and Bailey circus and has tossed his hat in the ring for a congressional seat. 
  • It used to be that you were supposed to exercise for at least 10 minutes to have any health benefits. Now, new research from the National Cancer Institute and the National Institutes for Health say that ANYTHING you do has health benefits. 
  • The Associated Press obtained Prince's autopsy report on Monday. It showed that he had an "exceedingly high" concentration of fentanyl in his body when he died. 
  • Linda Brown became famous at the age of 9 as the Brown in the now famous Brown versus Board of Education verdict, where the U.S. Supreme Court ended segregation in schools. She died in Kansas this week at the age of 76. 
  • Former New York Giants linebacker and Montana State star Corey Widmer has declined his nomination to the Montana Football Hall of Fame, saying the sport "destroyed my life." 
  • Apple rolled out some new products yesterday in Chicago. Usually, they make those announcements in San Francisco. 
  • YouTube is planning a "Karate Kid" series that follows the characters 34 years later. 
  • How low can you go? A New York woman was arrested over the weekend, along with a man from Florida, for stealing mementos - including teddy bears, plaques and pinwheels - from a memorial site honoring those killed in the Parkland massacre. 
  • Netflix is renewing Queer Eye for a second season. 
  • In Japan, a company is offering man-made meteor showers for those who want to accent an event. They would launch these displays from space and they say, it would cost less than today's firework shows. 
  • Delores Taylor, who co-starred with her husband Tom Laughlin in the Billy Jack series of films, has died in Southern California. She was 85. 
  • Chrissy Metz, who you know as Kate on This Is Us, has written her memoir This Is Me: Loving the Person You Are Today. 
  • Vegas has Tiger Woods as a 9-to-1 favorite to win the Masters. 
  • In Ohio, a 54-year-old woman was arrested last Saturday afternoon for allegedly making lewd comments to an Easter Bunny at a carousel park. 
  • That Chinese space station is expected to re-enter the atmosphere within the next two weeks and so far, Oregon seems to be the likely arrival spot. 
  • Heineken has pulled their "Worlds Apart" commercial after complaints it was racist. 


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