The Trash Trump Forces Hope For A Big Win With The "Stormy Daniels 60-minutes Interview" Here's My Thoughts!

I watched that 60-minutes interview with Stormy Daniels, and I walked away with the feeling it was just another left wing media attack to offer political payback for all the scandals that have ravaged those Saintly Democratic Politicians that they adore. The left wing media has had an agenda to carry the water for their beloved Democratic Party for years. Anderson Cooper attempted to imply that President Trump committed an act more reprehensible than Former Senator John Edwards. who was the Democratic nominee for Vice President in 2004, and was a candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2004. I worked for an ABC affiliate in Oklahoma during that time, and had an opportunity to interview Senator John Edwards wife, god rest her soul, who was suffering at the time with cancer, but was still campaigning for her husband. Rielle Hunter, became the most vilified woman in America, not only for having an extramarital affair with presidential hopeful John Edwards but for giving birth to his child. I guess democrats were upset she didn't take advantage of the services available at Planned Parenthood. I do have to say he is a better Democratic Senator than the one who took a pregnant woman for a long drive off a short pier. Funny, it took that glorified Senator's death to make that Chappaquiddick movie possible. I only hope Mary Jo finally gets the justice she deserves. I remember that quite vividly, I grew up in that state. I thought reporting an accident the day after someone died in the event would get you thrown in jail. But I soon discovered that in the real world of politics you're above the law! Asked Martha Stewart if you don't believe me! Insider trading? Politicians are exempt from that law, that's how you retire with a big fat bank account. It's the swamp we want to drain! Now back to the 60-minutes interview with Stormy Daniels, I think the woman is an opportunist! I don't believe that any American Male in their right mind would have sexual relations with a known PORN STAR without a least a half a dozen condoms on. But she said, "He didn't wear a condom!" I say, "Yeah Right!" Now, i do admit there is one exception to the rule, but I don't know if that liberal movie star is still "Winning!" I voted for President Trump because I honestly feel he cares about our country! I'm thinking about petitioning the Vatican and recommending him for Sainthood! President Trump has had to fight non-stop against the political elites in our country! I'm sorry Mr. President, that you're white, if you were black you probably would get more respect by those late night comedians who think they're funny. For myself, these are thoughts of a street wise New Englander! I grew up in one of the original 13 colonies and I love our history and this country. I know why we have the right to bear arms, and I was taught what was right and wrong! We are One Nation Under God! What really concerns me is the next word in that phrase "Indivisible!" But please remember this, we are all patriots if we are in fact all Americans! I'm a free thinker! I do not trust anything in any news program. I was a part of it and they call it a show and it's done for ratings not for the truth! But you decide for yourself what your willing to believe! I refuse to swallow liberal propaganda any longer! I have the freedom to express my views and I will express them often!


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