• A New York firefighter was killed last Thursday while battling a fire that broke out at a Harlem building where film crews were shooting a new Edward Norton and Bruce Willis movie. 
  • U.S. recorded music sales climbed 17 percent to $8.7 billion last year, the largest growth in 23 years. 
  • China's media regulator is cracking down on parody videos. 
  • Kevin Federline says the $20,000 a month he receives from his ex, Britney Spears, isn't enough. Britney's spokespeople say that's because he's spending most of that money on his four other kids. 
  • The Church of England now takes Apple Pay and Google Pay. 
  • Chris Evans and Jenny Slated started dating a couple of years ago, then broke up, then got back together late last year. Now, they've broken up again. 
  • New research seems to indicate that Nearly 40% of all cancers diagnosed every year could be avoided through lifestyle changes. 
  • The Mr. Rogers Commemorative Postage Stamp hit post offices on Friday. 
  • Pink had to postpone her concert last Friday night in Montreal due to illness. 
  • Charles Lazarus, the founder of Toys R Us, died last week at the age of 94. 
  • YouTube is planning a "Karate Kid" series that follows the characters 34 years later. 
  • There's a new trend out there where women are having diamonds pierced into their finger instead of wearing engagement rings. Ew. 
  • Actor Fred Savage is being sued for assault and battery by a former crew member of the Fox show "The Grinder." He's denying the charges. 
  • St. George, Utah has been named the country's fastest-growing metro area. 
  • Starbucks has announced a new "fortune telling" Crystal Ball Frappucino. 


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