Auction Instead of Prince Museum: Iconic Wardrobe Items Available for Bid

Prince enthusiasts, renowned for his musical prowess and flamboyant attire, now have the opportunity to participate in an online auction featuring over 200 lots of the late musician's wardrobe. Originally intended for a Prince museum by a French collector, the collection, assembled with the help of those closely associated with the artist, reflects Prince's influence not just as a musical genius but as a fashion icon.

Among the auction's highlights is the white ruffled shirt worn by Prince during his 1985 American Music Awards performance of "Purple Rain," estimated at $15,000. The auction, organized by RR Auction, showcases Prince's musical and sartorial evolution from the "Purple Rain" era to his passing in 2016, according to Bobby Livingston.

Other notable items on the bidding block include Prince's outfit from the 1986 film "Under the Cherry Moon," valued at $45,000, and a pair of high-heeled blue boots from the Act I Tour, estimated at $20,000. A custom-made gold stage outfit adorned with love symbols carries an estimated value of $10,000, while a blue Schecter Cloud guitar played by Prince is valued at $4,000. The auction also encompasses unique items such as a chain hat.

Beyond fashion, the auction features original Polaroid photographs, master tapes of hit albums, and official documentation related to Prince's films and music videos. Bidding for this exclusive collection concludes on Thursday.


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