Born On This Day...

In 1587 Dutch poet, Joost van den Vondel
In 1717 French mathematician, Jean d'Alembert
In 1755, King Louis XVIII of France (1814-24)
In 1790, German astronomer/mathematician August Mobius (analytic geometry)
In 1799, American artist Titian Ramsey Peale
In 1890, Pro football pioneer Jack Cusack (Canton Bulldogs)
In 1897 Actor, Eddie Baker (Keystone Kops)
In 1901, English golfer Joyce Wethered [d: 11-20-97]
In 1902 Physicist, Eugene Wigner (helped develop the atomic bomb) [d: 1-1-95]
In 1905 Actor, Mischa Auer (Brewster's Millions, My Man Godfrey) [d: 3-5-67]
In 1906 Manufactuer, Soichiro Honda (Honda Motors) [d: 8-5-91]
In 1907 Actor, Joe Cobb (Joe-Our Gang) [d: 5-21-02]
In 1909 Anatomist, Geoffrey (Howard) Bourne (adrenal gland) [d: 7-19-88]
In 1911 Actor, William Tannen’s Life & Legend Of Wyatt Earp) [d: 12-2-76]
In 1914 Comedian, Archie Campbell (Hee Haw, Grand Ole Opry) [d: 8-29-87]
In 1916 Historian/writer Shelby Foote (The Civil War) [d: 6-28-05]
In 1916, Photographer/journalist George Silk [d: 10-23-04]
In 1917 TV host/announcer Jack Lescoulie (Today Show) [d: 7-22-87]
In 1922 Biochemist, Stanley Cohen (Nobel-1986) [d: 2-5-20]
In 1923, Baseball player Mike Garcia (Indians) [d: 1-13-86]
In 1925 Actor, Rock Hudson (Pillow Talk, A Farewell To Arms) [d: 10-2-85]
In 1929 U.S. yachtsman, Edgar White (Olympic-Gold-1952) [d: 1-7-14]
In 1930 Olympian-turned-politician, Bob Mathias (Olympic-Gold-48, 52) [d: 9-2-06]
In 1937, British actor/comedian Peter Cook (Bedazzled) [d: 1-9-95]
In 1938, Singer/songwriter Gordon Lightfoot (Sundown) [d: 5-1-23]
In 1941, Singer/percussionist Gene Clarke (The Byrds) [d: 5-24-91]
In 1942 Actress, Donna Garrett (Bambi-Diamonds Are Forever, Ghostbusters) (81)
In 1942, Singer/organist Bob Gaudio (The Four Seasons) (81)
In 1942 Director, Martin Scorsese (Taxi Driver, Raging Bull) (81)
In 1943 Actress/model, Lauren Hutton (American Gigolo, Lassiter) (80)
In 1944 Actor, Danny Devito (Taxi, Twins, Batman Returns, Get Shorty) (79)
In 1944, Producer/writer Lorne Michaels (Saturday Night Live) (79)
In 1944 Baseball Hall-of-Famer Tom Seaver (Mets) [d: 8-31-20]
In 1945 Basketball Hall-of-Famer, Elvin Hayes (San Diego, Houston) (78)
In 1946 Guitarist, Martin Barre (Jethro Tull) (77)
In 1949, U.S. 110m hurdler Thomas Lionel Hill (Olympic-Bronze-1972) (74)
In 1951 Actor, Dean Paul Martin (Misfits of Science) [d: 3-21-87]
In 1955, Singer/guitarist Peter Cox (Go West) (68)
In 1957 Guitarist, Jim Babjak (Smithereens) (66)
In 1958 Actress, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio (Robin Hood, White Sands) (65)
In 1959 Actor, William R. Moses (Falcon Crest, Keith-Melrose Place) (64)
In 1960, Singer/actor/model RuPaul (Too Wong Foo, A Very Brady Sequel) (63)
In 1961 Actress, Merete Van Kamp (Grace-Dallas, Princess Daisy) (62)
In 1963 Actor, Dylan Walsh (Brooklyn South, Superman & Lois) (60)
In 1964, Football player/announcer Charles Davis (Tennessee, FOX) (59)
In 1964 Figure skater Marina Cherkasova (Olympic-Silver-1980) (59)
In 1966, TV hostess Daisy Fuentes (MTV, America's Funniest Home Videos) (57)
In 1966 Actress, Sophie Marceau (Braveheart, The World Is Not Enough) (57)
In 1967 Singer, Ronnie DeVoe (New Edition, Bell Biv Devoe) (56)
In 1967 Keyboardist, Ben Wilson (Blues Traveler) (56)
In 1970, Singer, Mark Gillespie (Big Fun) [d: 11-11-21]
In 1971 Actor, David Ramsey (Dexter, The Arrow) (52)
In 1974 Actress, Leslie Bibb (Brooke McQueen-Popular, Erin-ER) (49)
In 1976 Actor, Brandon Call (Baywatch, J.T. Lambert-Step By Step) (47)
In 1976 Actress, Diane Neal (ADA Casey Novak-Law & Order SVU) (47)
In 1977, Country singer Aaron Lines (46)
In 1978 Actress, Rachel McAdams (The Time Traveler's Wife, Doctor Strange) (45)
In 1980 Singer/guitarist, Isaac Hanson (Hanson) (43)
In 1988 Actor, Justin Cooper (Lucas-General Hospital, Liar Liar) (35)
In 1988 Bassist, Reid Perry (The Band Perry) (35)
In 1993 Actress, Chelsea Butler (Belle Black-Days Of Our Lives) (30)
In 1994 Actress, Raquel Castro (Jersey Girl) (29)
In 2000 Singer, Devin Gordon (The Bomb Digz) (23)


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