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In 1512 Michelangelo's paintings on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel are exhibited for the first time.
In 1604 William Shakespeare's tragedy "Othello" is first presented at Whitehall Palace in London.
In 1611 William Shakespeare's romantic comedy "The Tempest" is first presented at Whitehall Palace in London.
In 1765 An devastating earthquake kills 50,000 in Lisbon, Portugal.
In 1765 The Stamp Act goes into effect, prompting stiff resistance from American Colonists.
In 1800 President John Adams becomes the first occupant of the White House.
In 1864 The U.S. Postal Service introduces the "Postal Money Order."
In 1861 General George B. McClellan is made General-in-Chief of the Union armies.
In 1870 The U.S. Weather Bureau makes it's first observations from reports gathered by telegraph from 24 locations.
In 1894 Russian Emperor Alexander III dies.
In 1913 Notre Dame's football team upsets Army, 35-13, in a game that popularized the forward pass.
In 1914 19-year-old Mary Jacob invents the modern soft bra.
In 1932 Wernher Von Braun is named head of Germany's rocket program.
In 1936 In a speech in Milan, Italy, Benito Mussolini describes thealliance between his country and Nazi Germany as an "axis" running between Rome and Berlin.
In 1940 The first U.S. air raid shelter is built in Fleetwood, PA.
In 1944 "Harvey," a comedy by Mary Chase about a man and his friend, an invisible 6-foot-tall rabbit, opens on Broadway.
In 1950 The first black player is inducted into the NBA.
In 1950 Two Puerto Rican nationalists try to force their way into Blair House in Washington, DC, to assassinate President Truman. The attempt failed and one of the pair was killed.
In 1952 The U.S. explodes the first hydrogen bomb, in a test at Eniwetok in the Marshall Islands.
In 1954 Algeria begins it's rebellion against French rule.
In 1963 Wham-O patents the Frisbee.
In 1964 Jim Brown of the Cleveland Browns is the first NFL player to rush for over 10,000 yards.
In 1973 In the wake of the "Saturday Night Massacre," acting Attorney General Robert Bork appoints Leon Jaworski as the new Watergate Special Prosecuter, succeeding Archibald Cox.
In 1977 Jimmy Carter signs a bill to gradually raise the minimum wage to $3.35 by 1981.
In 1979 Former first lady, Mamie Eisenhauer dies at the age of 82.
In 1981 First Class Mail rises from 18 to 20 cents.
In 1981 King Hussein of Jordan arrives in Washington for two days of talks with President Reagan.
In 1983 Rupert Murdoch buys the Chicago "Sun-Times."
In 1985 22 members of a Mexican anti-drug squad are killed by alleged drug traffickers in the village of Ignacio Aldama.
In 1987 Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping retires from the Communist Party's Central Committee.
In 1988 Parliamentary elections are held in Israel that result in a narrow victory for the right-wing Likud bloc, requiring the creation of a coalition government.
In 1988 The space shuttle Columbia lands at Edwards Air Force Base in California, ending a 2-week mission.
In 1989 East Germany opens it's border with Czechoslovakia, prompting tens of thousands of refugees to flee to the West.
In 1989 Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega announces the end of aunilateral cease-fire with the Contra rebels.
In 1991 Clarence Thomas is sworn in as the newest justice on the U.S. Supreme Court.
In 1992 The space shuttle Columbia ends a 10-day mission with a landing at Kennedy Space Center in Florida.
In 1993 In an address to pediatricians, first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton accuses insurance companies of waging a deceitful campaign against the administration's health plan.
In 1995 The U.S. House of Representatives votes to ban "partial birth" abortions, the first prohibition on an abortion method since the 1973 Supreme Court legalization decision.
In 1995 Bosnia peace talks open in Dayton, OH, with the leaders of Bosnia, Serbia and Croatia present.
In 1997 While 2000 people demonstrate outside, Chinese President JiangZemin defends his government during an appearance at Harvard University, conceding that China had made mistakes.
In 1998 The radical Islamic group Hamas threatens Yasser Arafat, demanding the Palestinian leader halt a crackdown against it, or face violent vengeance.
In 1999 U.S. Coast Guard crews searching for clues in the crash of EgyptAir Flight 990 found the first large piece of wreckage off the New England coast.
In 1999 Former Chicago Bears running back Walter Payton dies of bile duct cancer at age 45.
In 2000 Yugoslavia's new democratic government joins the United Nations.
In 2002 A Russian spacecraft carrying two cosmonauts and a Belgian astronaut docks with the international space station.
In 2023 All Saints Day


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