Kenyan Citizens Granted Special Holiday for Planting 100 Million Seedlings

In a move to achieve the government's ambitious target of planting 15 billion trees within a decade, Kenyans have been bestowed with a unique holiday dedicated to planting 100 million trees. The initiative aims to involve every Kenyan in the endeavor, granting them the opportunity to contribute to the nation's environmental goals, as emphasized by Environment Minister Soipan Tuya.

Encouraging each citizen to plant a minimum of two seedlings, the government hopes to reach the set target of 100 million trees. This large-scale tree-planting initiative is a crucial step in the fight against climate change. To facilitate widespread participation, the government is providing approximately 150 million seedlings in public nurseries, distributing them for free at forest agency centers for planting in designated public areas.

While urging citizens to buy at least two seedlings for planting on their personal land, it is anticipated that some individuals, particularly in urban areas, may choose to capitalize on the extra holiday rather than actively participate. To monitor the progress of the tree-planting campaign, an internet app named Jaza Miti has been introduced. This app enables individuals and organizations to record their activities, including details such as plant species, quantity, and planting dates. Additionally, the Jaza Miti app assists users in selecting appropriate seedlings by matching the planting site with the suitable species.


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