"The City That Fun Forgot" Seeks Nightlife Leader to Revamp Image

In an effort to shake off its long-standing reputation as "the city that fun forgot," Canada's capital, Ottawa, is on the lookout for a figurehead to oversee its nightlife. Known predominantly as a hub of government activity, Ottawa is home to a significant portion of its 1.5 million residents working in the public sector. Coined over four decades ago by the late Canadian political commentator Allan Fotheringham, the label has persisted, even attracting YouTube celebrities eager to investigate the perceived dullness.

To counter this image, municipal leaders are aiming to hire an individual to champion the city's nocturnal scene. While the official job title is yet to be decided, potential options include night mayor, nightlife commissioner, or night czar. Some local residents, like Amen Jafri, a federal government employee and documentary filmmaker, believe that this appointee faces a challenging task. Jafri, whose documentary "The City That Fun Forgot?" delved into Ottawa's perceived lack of vibrancy nearly a decade ago, noted that interviewees in her film described Ottawa as "a good place for a long nap."


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