Woman Uses Unusual Excuse for Missing Work: Massive Seal Blocks Car

A woman in southern Tasmania has come up with an extraordinary reason for being unable to make it to the office – a 600-kilogram seal named Neil was obstructing her car in the front yard. Neil, a well-known southern elephant seal with a local fan base, has made headlines for his beach appearances, road lounging, and playful interactions with traffic cones. However, resident Amber Harris was taken by surprise when she discovered him in her yard.

Upon spotting Neil, Ms. Harris promptly informed her employer about the unexpected situation, causing a delay in her workday. She shared, "He has moved around. He's been on my front deck, he's had his little head - well, big head - up on my hammock, and he's now down blocking my car. Work received all the photos, so they knew it was legitimate. It's given everyone in the office a bit of a laugh."

Ms. Harris explained that a wildlife expert advised her that tempting Neil away from her car with food might prove futile. "He probably won't eat anything because when he comes up onto land, he'll be up here for about three to four weeks, and he usually uses that for hibernation," she said. Despite the inconvenience, Neil eventually decided to move on, making his way back to the beach across the street after spending a few hours in her yard.


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