Zoom Layoffs Backfire: Entire Team Laid Off Amid Unmuted Mics Chaos!

Solera is facing severe backlash for executing a widespread layoff via Zoom, where employee microphones were left unmuted, capturing a tumultuous and emotional scene documented in TikTok videos by user Liz (@liz_queenvirgo). Employees openly expressed their shock and discontent, with one participant exclaiming, "This is unacceptable. This is absolutely appalling." Another dissatisfied employee criticized the company for its perceived lack of concern for its workforce, stating, "You guys don't care. That's the problem with this company – you guys have not cared about our employees at all."

As the chaos unfolded, blame was directed towards a manager named David, prompting a call for his removal. However, subsequent footage revealed that David retained his position, intensifying the frustration of the affected employees. Amid the turmoil, a manager offered an apology, met with skepticism from an employee who retorted, "No, you're not." The Zoom call was abruptly terminated by management, leaving employees in uncertainty regarding their severance and employment status.

As the situation developed, it became evident that some employees were still unaware of their standing within the company, further contributing to the disarray caused by the poorly executed layoff.


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