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Wednesday, April 5, 2017


Jesse Eisenberg and Anna Strout Welcome First Child. Jesse Eisenberg is officially a dad! The Social Network star and his longtime girlfriend, Anna Strout, have welcomed their first child together, a baby boy. E! News has learned that the two were seen strolling through New York City earlier with their little bundle of joy. The couple dated for 10 years, from 2002 to 2012, before taking a hiatus. They ultimately reunited before he traveled to London to perform in the West End show The Spoils. He spent four months volunteering at a domestic violence shelter in Bloomington, Indiana, where Strout's mother serves as executive director. They didn't make their official public debut until they were photographed at a basketball game that January, right after the New Year. E! News exclusively broke the news that these two were expecting in October 2016. Eisenberg and Strout have kept their relationship incredibly private, but he has made it clear that she is the only woman for him. "I find people who want to help other people to be the most interesting," he told Seventeen Magazine. "I come from a family of teachers, and my friends are teachers, often times in very difficult school situations. My job is so selfish and focused on my own vanity that I like to surround myself with people who are actually helping people throughout their day." (Eonline)

Inside Amanda Seyfried and Thomas Sadoski's First Days of Parenthood. Welcome to the parenthood journey, Amanda Seyfried and Thomas Sadoski. It's only been a couple of weeks since the Hollywood couple welcomed their first child into the world. In a short amount of time, however, the pair has already experienced plenty of joy as mom and dad. "Like all first time parents, they are overwhelmingly happy and overwhelmingly exhausted," a source shared with E! News exclusively. Our insider added, "They're surrounded by loving friends and family and they can't imagine going through all of it with anyone else." While the newlyweds have yet to reveal any personal details about their daughter, it's perfectly clear that 2017 is already turning into a very special year. During a recent appearance on The Late Late Show, Thomas revealed that he secretly eloped with Amanda in March. "We just took off into the country with an officiant and just the two of us, and we did our thing... We had a great day," he shared. "It was perfect." According to Thomas, both parties wrote their own vows and recited them in front of Amanda's dog who was in attendance. "She's the person I love, admire, respect most in the world," Thomas gushed to James Corden. "It was beautiful. It was everything that it should be. It was just the two of us talking to each other." While a wedding was more than exciting, it was the arrival of a newborn that really had this couple pumped for the future. While supporting their new movie The Last Word, the couple gushed about their future family member. "I'm ready to go," Amanda admitted to E! News' Marc Malkin. "I'm ready to meet the kid!" Thomas added, "I'm terrified but I couldn't be more excited. She gets the singing. I do the diaper changing." Congratulations again to the happy couple! (Eonline)

Pink has revealed her post baby weight with an empowering message. The singer has proved once again that she's badass AF...Pink has kept it real about post baby weight and we simply love her for it. The singer, who is mother to five year-old Willow Sage and gave birth to her first son Jameson Moon Hart last December, got candid about her own body and urged women to ditch the scales and stop stressing about a post pregnancy bounce back. Taking to Instagram to share a picture of herself at the gym, Pink wrote: "Would you believe I'm 160 pounds and 5'3"? By 'regular standards' that makes me obese. I know I'm not at my goal or anywhere near it after Baby 2 but dammit I don't feel obese." "The only thing I'm feeling is myself. Stay off that scale ladies! #feelingmyself #strongismygoal #bodygoals @msjeanettejenkins #happysaturday #getitin #GIJaneismyWCW" Can we get a HELL YEAH? Pink's message proved to be a huge hit with fans receiving over 240,000 likes and thousands of comments praising her honesty and realism. But this isn't the first time the So What singer has spoken out about post baby weight. Back in February after returning to the gym, she told fans "Day 1!!!!!!!! Lets do this (Week 6 post baby and I haven't lost ANY WEIGHT YET!!!!) Yay me!!!!! I'm normal!" Pink, we love you. (British Glamour)

Could these two be any cuter? Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton had the audience laughing as they joked about her "makeout playlist" on The Voice on Monday, April 3. The conversation began after Hunter Plake, a contestant on the No Doubt singer's team, sang Foreigner's 1984 power ballad "I Want to Know What Love Is" in his Knockout Round performance. "You took a song that's actually on my makeout playlist," Stefani, 47, said as she critiqued his performance. That prompted an "Ewwww" from fellow coach Adam Levine, while Alicia Keys said, "That's cute, Gwen! Share me that." Then Stefani's boyfriend and fellow judge Shelton, 40, chimed in with "I told you I knew that song," prompting more laughs and a shake of the head from the Maroon 5 singer. And that wasn't the only cute moment of the night. The "Came Here to Forget" singer complained that Keys' big ponytail was getting in the way of him making meaningful eye contact with his lady love. "Alicia, your ponytail is completely in Gwen's eye line," he pointed out. "It's all up in our business." The Oklahoma native wasn't in attendance at the ACM Awards on Sunday, April 2, where his ex-wife Miranda Lambert won her for Female Vocalist of the Year as well Album of the Year for The Weight of These Wings, which she wrote following her July 2015 divorce from Shelton. She alluded to their painful split during her acceptance speech, telling the crowd, "I just want to thank you for letting me use my heartbreak and sharing that with me." Shelton and Stefani -- who split with husband Gavin Rossdale around the same time as the country couple called it quits -- went public with their romance in November 2015. (US Weekly)

Big Little Lies' Nicole Kidman Has Never Been More Worthy of an Emmy Thanks to Her Work On and Off Screen. Attention Emmy voters: It's time to focus any and all of your attention on the one and only Nicole Kidman. Sure, this year's ceremony isn't until September 17. But between Sunday night's 2017 ACM Awards and the finale of HBO's Big Little Lies, the actress deserves some serious R-E-S-P-E-C-T for her many talents. Rewind to Sunday night at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas when Nicole was supporting her man Keith Urban. As soon as the first performers took to the stage, Nicole proved she was worthy of those prime front-row seats as she danced the night away. And when Faith Hill grabbed a seat next to the actress, that's when things really turned up. "Faith and Nicole jamming," Kelsea Ballerini wrote on Snapchat after seeing how much fun the Hollywood stars were having. "YAS." Not only does Nicole know how to have fun during shows, she also can create some red carpet moments. In addition to making the Best Dressed list on more than one occasion, the A-list star isn't shy about crashing interviews with her favorite stars. Just look back to the 2017 Golden Globes red carpet with she decided to pop into Tom Hiddleston's interview. "Stop. That's enough. Enough talking," she joked to Tom who went from interviewee to interviewer. "I'm so happy to be here and I'm determined to have fun, that's why I came and did that." And has anybody noticed a red carpet pattern involving Nicole and her husband Keith? They legit can't stop holding hands no matter where they go. Posing for shouting paparazzi? Hold on tight! Walking up the stairs at the MET Gala? Put your palms out. For the super serious voter who relies strictly on what he or she sees during episodes, we got you covered there as well. Several publications are quick to praise Nicole's performance as Celeste Wright who is a woman in an emotionally and physically volatile marriage. In fact, TV Guide recently told voters to "just give Nicole Kidman her Emmy now" in a recent headline. An A-list Hollywood star who can act, dance, dress to impress and bring a famous plus one to an award show? What more could a pop culture fan ask for? Make us proud, Emmys! (Eonline)

Melanie Griffith Opens Up About Her Plastic Surgery Regrets and Why Her Marriage With Antonio Banderas ''Fell Apart." Melanie Griffith is not too proud to admit she has some regrets in her life...namely, going overboard with plastic surgery. The 59-year-old is featured in the latest issue of Porter magazine where she opens up about those regrets as well as the details inside her divorce from Antonio Banderas and battling addiction. Griffith admits she was unaware of how drastically her cosmetic surgeries "she had over 20 years ago" had changed her face. "No, I didn't [realize] until people started saying, 'Oh my god, what has she done?!' I was so hurt," she recalled. "I went to a different doctor, and he started dissolving all of this s--t that this other woman doctor had put in. Hopefully, I look more normal now." Though she feels confident that she raised her three children -- Alexander Bauer, 31, Dakota Johnson, 27, and Stella Banderas, 20 -- to the best of her abilities, she also admits there are some things she would have gone back and done differently. Still, she says, "I was a totally functioning mom. I wasn't like a drunk-on-the-floor, out-of-it person. I didn't do some things I probably should have done, but, mostly, I was there for my kids. They had a sort of privileged gypsy life." Griffith spent a brief stint in rehab in 1988 after her son, Alexander, was born. Following her treatment, she was able to reconnect with her ex-husband, Don Johnson. The two had been married briefly in 1976 when she was 18, and they remarried in 1989. "The minute I met him, I had this mad f--cking teenage crush on him! I fell in love immediately," she says of the first time the former couple got together. Then, 13 years later, they rekindled that flame. "Don was actually waiting for me when I got out of rehab. We got back together; it was the most natural, perfect, loving thing," she recalled. "Then it just sort of wasn't working. I think it's hard when you are both in the public eye, unless one of you gives up work." The actress ended up marrying Banderas in 1996 after she split from Johnson. They were together for 18 years before divorcing in 2015. "I think part of the reason my marriage to Antonio fell apart was because I was stuck; nobody else is to blame," she explained of their split. "It's just that I personally got stuck and I won't let that happen again, I want to enjoy life, I want to do whatever I want to do." However, one thing she's not doing is dating. "I'm shy with men now, very reticent," she told the publication. "I haven't met anyone in the almost two years [Antonio and I] have been divorced. No, I don't go on dates, nobody has asked me on a date. I go out with my girlfriends." One of those girlfriends is Kris Jenner, who Griffith can't help but gush over. "We became best friends. She is so much fun, so smart, so normal and so loving," the actress said. "She is unbelievable, like when I had my back operation, she was there bringing me chopped salad. We just went to Aspen together last week." Jenner feels just the same about Griffith, telling Porter, "We've both been divorced a couple of times, we've had a few kids and we've had situations in common -- life -- changing ones. Like me, she looks at life with the glass half full. I'll be having a shitty day, the lowest of lows, and she'll come over, sit on my bed and be right there with me. She's got a heart of gold." To see the full interview with Griffith, check out the latest issue of PORTER, on sale globally Friday, April 7. (Eonline)

Kerry Washington Plays Coy About Her Future on Scandal. Are Olivia Pope's days in Washington, D.C. numbered? Series star Kerry Washington graces the cover of Glamour's May issue (on newsstands Apr. 11) and plays coy about her future on Shonda Rhimes' hit ABC series Scandal. "It's not really up to me," the 40-year-old actress teases. "It's up to Shonda and to the network. Shonda has said from the beginning that she kind of knows how it ends. So, I'm trusting her to guide the arc." Scandal, which was renewed for a seventh season in February, has given Washington the opportunity to "become a producer," which means she's now interested in doing "other work." "The charge of my production company, Simpson Street, is to tell stories that are about people, places, and situations that may not always be considered by the mainstream. Inclusivity is not about creating a world where straight white men have no voice; it's about creating a world where we all have a voice," she explains. "I'm excited to start that new journey, as a producer." That's not to say Washington is ungrateful for the role, which made her the first female black lead in a network drama in 40 years. "It's impossible to say that Olivia Pope hasn't been one of the most transformative roles for me," she admits. "I've never played a character for this long." There are downsides to the job, of course. "Olivia Pope took my anonymity away. Before, I was a character actor; nobody really knew that the girl from Save the Last Dance was the same girl from The Last King of Scotland. I could show up and be a person in the public eye when it was useful, then dip out and have my life," Washington says. "Olivia Pope has really changed that." On the flip side, as Washington became synonymous with the show, she had more say in the kinds of stories Scandal would tell. "In the first season it was as if Olivia Pope was race-less. There was no denying that Olivia was a black woman, because I'm a black woman, playing her in badass white trench coats that call to attention the fact that I'm not looking like anybody else on television," she tells the magazine. "But we didn't talk about her identity as a black person." According to Washington, "The writers have become more and more willing to deal with race." "When Olivia was kidnapped [in Season 4], it was not lost on me that the fictional president of the United States was willing to go to war to save one black woman at a time when hundreds of black women were missing in Nigeria and we were begging the world to pay attention," the politically-minded actress, 40, says. "Shonda was saying, 'The life of a black woman matters.'" As another example, Olivia's father Eli Pope (Joe Morton) often tries "to instill in her this generational learning about what it means to be a person of color in the United States," she says. But Olivia -- who was born after the civil rights movement of the '60s -- struggles to balance "the truth of his understanding with her ability to achieve things he was never able to." For the rest of Season 6, Olivia will be "on a journey of discovering what it means to be in power, not just power-adjacent," Washington tells Glamour. "I'm as curious as anyone about her relationship to power and how it's going to continue to evolve." But at some point, "I want Olivia to be a whole person -- to not have issues around healthy personal and healthy work relationships. But if she evolves in those ways, I'm not sure that we have a show anymore!" (Eonline)

Kylie Jenner Supports Tyga's New Music Amid Split Rumors. So are they or aren't they? Nearly a week after speculation surfaced that Kylie Jenner and Tyga's relationship might be cooling down, the makeup mogul took to Snapchat to prove, at the very least, these two remain on amicable terms. In a video shared Monday, the 19-year-old lipsyncs a verse from the rapper's newly released track, "Act Ghetto," which actually includes a shout out to Jenner. "Gettin' checks like Kylie / Yeah, every day I do it," Tyga raps. And while we've yet to see Kylie and Tyga step out together publicly since mid-March, her support of the recording artist will keep fans interested in their rollercoaster relationship. If one thing is for sure when it comes to the on-again, off-again duo, it's that they've been unusually separate during their day to day. An insider revealed to E! News that Tyga recently relocated into a new home in the Hollywood Hills where he's "been partying and having people over every night" without Kylie. Meanwhile, the E! reality star has been photographed out and about on multiple occasions, most recently arriving to a studio on Monday with big sis Kim Kardashian. And it's not necessarily unusual for the couple to spend some time apart, as a source explained following their 2015 split, "Kylie wants time to just be by herself and do her. Tyga is not giving up as that's his one and only lady." (Eonline)

Heather Morris spent six seasons channeling Britney Spears on Glee, but the former Beyonce backup dancer was nervous to bring the pop star's "Toxic" to the Dancing with the Stars ballroom on Monday. "I'm here to show my fans -- and the rest of the world -- more about who Heather really is and, to me, this seems like a step back in time," Morris wrote in her exclusive PEOPLE blog before Monday's live show. But backstage after her performance, Morris was all smiles. "I think once we got on stage and did it, it felt so much more powerful and specific to what we were doing," she said. "The key was really just focusing on each other as opposed to everything that was happening in the ballroom and really harnessing the power of the tango as opposed to Britney," added Alan Bernsten, Morris' temporary partner while Maksim Chmerkovskiy recovers from a calf injury. "Yeah, we used Britney's essence, but it was all about the dancing and making Heather shine." Making Morris feel even more confident was having her former Glee costar Naya Rivera supporting her in the audience. "She was, like, so fangirling before this whole thing happened. She was, like, 'Oh my God! I'm obsessed! This is my favorite! I love it!'" said Morris. "We come from a completely different world with Naya and Kevin [McHale] and all of them, but they are so supportive and Kevin is so stoked to come watch the show. It's fun to bring them into this world." Dancing with the Stars airs Mondays (at 8 p.m. ET) on ABC. (People)

What Happened to Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer's Friendship? Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer were the Hollywood friends we didn't deserve. But, they were the Hollywood friends we needed. What could be better than taking two strong, funny, successful women and teaming them up to create one fabulous BFF pair? The friendship seemingly came out of nowhere to fans. It was a total shock, but the most beautiful kind of shock. The day has practically become the stuff of legends now, and it all started, as it were, with the jet-ski. Lawrence had joined Schumer and her hometown friends on an epic trip to the Hamptons that included group floatie time and human pyramids, of all things. Amy and Jen were photographed riding said jet-ski together, Amy posted that picture on Twitter, and all hell broke loose. Twitter, and the Internet at large, exploded. It was as if our collective mortal brains simply could not handle the merging of these two superstars. What followed is what we like to call the Summer of Jamy. Or J Schu. A Law? We're still undecided. After the flurry of press that the jet-ski photo received, the two were officially out with their newly-solidified BFF status. Amy hit The Daily Show shortly after the trip, acknowledging that the two had become friends and that she was completely smitten with Jen. "She's the coolest chick you'll ever meet," she gushed. "She's beautiful." Later that summer, Amy and Jen attended a Billy Joel concert together, somehow they ended up onstage, dancing on a piano to "Uptown Girl." We were all as thrilled as they were. Surely we were living in a dream -- Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer can't actually be doing high kicks on Billy Joel's piano, right? It was around this time that the twosome also announced they were writing a screenplay together -- Lawrence, possibly inadvertently, dished to The New York Times about it. She explained that the friendship had officially started after Jen saw Trainwreck and was so smitten with the movie that she felt compelled to email Amy to tell her as much. The next thing she knew she was cruising around Long Island with the comedian and trading ideas about a buddy comedy. The flick was to center around two sisters, with Lawrence and Schumer acting in the starring roles, of course. They reportedly spent the better part of their days working on the screenplay, sending each other notes and plot ideas. In October, J Schu watchers had reason to believe the actresses were consulting with none other than Chris Pratt and Aziz Ansari, as the foursome was spotted hanging out and goofing off (and, we hoped, workshopping ideas) in Atlanta. The friends' first public debut was at the 2016 Golden Globes, otherwise known as the best Golden Globes in recent memory. Jen and Amy were seated at the same table and even presented an award together, giving the world the sneak peek of their movie it had been waiting for. But then: nothing. Silence. It has been over a year since that onstage bit, and still we wait for any official word on this screenplay. A quick glance at their upcoming schedules doesn't look promising, either: Lawrence is currently filming Red Sparrow, about a Russian spy, and also has a biopic about a war photographer and several other recently-announced roles. Schumer is deep into the press tour for Snatched at this point, and also has a war movie of her own due out this fall. On the friendship front, we haven't seen Jen and Amy together in months (and months...and months). They have both been conspicuously absent from each other's lives -- there have been no dedicated Instagram posts, no tweets, no paparazzi photos of dinner dates. The trail has gone cold. It has been a year and a half since they dance atop the piano at Madison Square Garden, and we have yet to see them storm another stage. If we didn't know any better, we'd wonder if they were speaking at all. The people need answers, but more importantly, the people need them to be seen together again. The official reason for this cooling-off period is probably, drably, scheduling. Neither of them has exactly been sitting at home twiddling their thumbs; Lawrence has, in fact, barely been in the country at all (she spent the bulk of winter filming in Budapest). And they both have romantic relationships to pursue: Schumer with now-long-term boyfriend Ben Hanisch, and Lawrence with director Darron Aronofsky. They've probably been in touch, but without a minute to spare for public outings. Chances are likely that their friendship has been relegated to one made up text messages and FaceTime, but what a tragedy that is for the rest of us. In these troubled times, only the mutual adoration of A Schu and J Law can salve us. Maybe, just maybe, they'll share some of their text history to keep us happy. (Eonline)

Bob Harper is opening up about the heart attack at age 51 that nearly killed him -- and how he only survived because two doctors happened to be in his gym to save his life. The fitness icon spoke out for the first time on Today Tuesday, a month and a half after he woke up from his two-day coma after going into cardiac arrest during a Feb. 12 workout. "I had what they call a widowmaker," the Biggest Loser coach told Savannah Guthrie -- referencing the medical term given to massive heart attacks that often lead to sudden death. "It was a 6 percent survival rate." "I was in full cardiac arrest," he added. "My heart stopped. Not to be dramatic, but I was dead. I was on that ground dead." Harper, whose mother died of a heart attack, explained that he has no memory of the attack. "I don't remember that day at all," he said. "I was told I went to the gym as I always do. It was Sunday morning, I was working out with some friends of mine at the end of the workout I went down to the ground." As a CrossFit member, the incident wasn't atypical. "If you've ever done CrossFit, you know that sometimes people go down to the ground," he said. "It wasn't until a minute or so later that people realized that something was going on." Lucky for Harper, doctors were close to help. "The coach went into full damage control," he revealed. "There was an event going on at the gym and found two doctors that were there. I was so lucky. Thank God. They started performing CPR on me, they pulled out the AEDs and used that on my twice before the paramedics got there super quick and they jolting me one more time." "The fact that there were doctors in the gym when I had the heart attack saved my life," Harper added. Now, he's feeling stronger. "I feel good," Harper said. "I've been doing my cardiac rehab, Monday Wednesday and Friday. It's been hugely beneficial for me. They've taken such good care of me. I'm feeling good, I'm taking it one day at a time. I'm doing exactly what the doctors tell me." (People)

Zoey 101 star Matthew Underwood saved a 4-month-old baby boy from a serious car accident on Thursday night in Port St. Lucie, Florida, after the infant's mother and father passed out from suspected drug use. According to a March 30 police report, Underwood, 26, observed a 2003 white Saturn fail to stop at a stop sign and swerve across six lanes of traffic, before crashing into a tree. After observing the crash, Underwood ran over to the vehicle, where he found a female and male unconscious in the car and the unharmed infant in the back seat, TMZ first reported, while his brother, Joshua, called 911. Port St. Lucie police arrived at the "intersection of SE Port St. Lucie Boulevard and SE Glover Street for reports of a car crash" at around 8:30 p.m., where they found the crashed vehicle. At the scene, Jessica Ruth Hand, 34, was found "unconscious behind the wheel of the car with a syringe in her arm" and John Jacob Rodriguez, 34, was found "unconscious in the back seat with a syringe next to him and an infant boy in an unsecured car seat alongside him," according to a press release. "I heard a baby cry and that's when I immediately ran around the other side of the car and looked for the baby," Underwood told "[Underwood] removed the infant boy and placed him next to the officer on scene," the press release reads. Both Hand and Rodriguez were removed from the car and first aid was administered to them before all three persons were transported by St. Lucie County Fire Rescue to St. Lucie Medical Center. "While at the hospital police found Rodriquez to be in possession of an unmarked bottle containing 38 pills, which turned out to be Alprazolam (a controlled substance). A broken pipe, suspected to be used for smoking narcotics, was also found on Rodriguez," the press release reads. According to the police report, Hand confessed to purchasing heroin that evening and "decided to try heroin" on the night of the accident. Hand was arrested for child neglect and possession of drug paraphernalia, and Rodriguez was arrested for child neglect, possession of controlled substance without prescription, possession of drug paraphernalia, and violation of probation warrant after both passed out while driving with their infant boy in the car. The child was turned over to a family member. "I hope they can get rehabilitated," Underwood told WPTV. "I hope they can wake up and want their child back so much, want their life together, that they'll get clean." A rep for Underwood did not respond to PEOPLE's request for comment. (People)

Floyd Mayweather exploded on the judges at a youth cheerleading competition this weekend ... claiming they cheated his daughter's team out of the title and he was PISSED. Our footage from the Jamz Cheer and Dance competition in Irvine, CA on Sunday shows a heated Floyd going off on event officials after his 12-year-old daughter's team finished in 2nd place. We spoke with event announcer Jeff Krapf who tells us he was right in the thick of Floyd's tirade -- and heard the boxer cussing out the judges and even dropping this gem -- "I fund this program!" At one point, Krapf says Mayweather was so hot, he was afraid Floyd was going to get physical -- "I thought, 'Well great, here's my big paycheck. My payday's coming!' But it didn't happen." An event exec eventually pulled Floyd to a private area to talk things out away from the kids. There were cops on scene working the event -- and we're told they kept a close eye on the situation ... but ultimately no arrests were made. We reached out to Floyd's camp for comment. So far, no word back. (TMZ)

Young Thug's off the hook for a felony drug charge, thanks to his lawyers arguing cops overstepped boundaries with an illegal search warrant. You'll recall the rapper's crib was raided by cops in Sandy Springs, GA in July 2015 ... turning up weapons and drugs. Thug was charged with felony cocaine possession, felony marijuana possession and 3 counts of felony gun possession. Since then, the D.A. had dropped all but the marijuana charges. YT's lawyers argued that should be kicked out too, because cops conducted the search without a proper warrant. The judge agreed ... giving YT total victory. We reached out to the D.A. for comment, but so far no word back. (TMZ)

Bill Cosby's hanging on to his sense of humor, apparently, as his sexual assault trial gets closer -- 'cause he was laughing it up Monday outside court. Cosby was chuckling with his lawyers as they left the Montgomery County Courthouse. He was there to iron out details about what the jury will hear when his trial starts for allegedly drugging and molesting Andrea Constand in 2004. It's set to begin in early June, and last about 2 weeks. We're guessing he won't be laughing then. (TMZ)

Suge Knight Claims These Two People Killed Tupac!! What a revelation... On September 7, 1996, the world was shocked when Tupac Shakur was murdered in Las Vegas after a white Cadillac pulled up to his car and shot him four times. According to a signed affidavit featured in the new documentary Tupac Assassination: Battle for Compton, Suge Knight -- who was in the vehicle when the All Eyez on Me rapper was killed -- confirms the theory that Reggie White Jr.(former Death Row Records security chief) and Sharitha Knight (Suge's ex-wife) were responsible for Tupac's death. Suge's lawyer Thaddeus Culpepper wrote in the statement: "Knight has known for many years that Reggie Wright Jr. and his ex-wife Sharitha were behind the murder of Tupac and attempted murder of Knight." The documentary claims Knight was the real target of the shooting, and that the two alleged assailants committed the crime in order to take control of his label. Former LAPD detective Russell Poole told Vice in 2015: "Suge wasn't divorced yet and if he died in that hit, she'd get most of everything... So she went to Wright Jr., who was in charge of Death Row and ran it while Suge was in prison." Wright Jr. denies these allegations. Suge is currently in jail facing murder and attempted murder charges. (Perez Hilton)

Roman Polanski just lost his bid to return to the United States without fear of prison. Polanski's lawyer, Harland Braun, has asked an L.A. County Superior Court judge to unseal a secret transcript of the testimony of the prosecutor in the Polanski case, proving the original trial judge back in 1978 accepted a plea deal for a 48-day sentence ... this for raping a 13-year-old girl. Polanski served the time but the judge denied he ever accepted the deal and was considering a 50-year prison sentence. The famed director went on the lam and has been living in Europe ever since. Braun made the case his client -- who was married to Manson murder victim Sharon Tate -- was also jailed in Switzerland for 334 days. A Polish court said all tolled, Polanski had served his time and Braun wanted the new judge to accept that ruling so the 83-year-old director could return to the U.S. The new judge did not agree, saying Polanski had no right to gripe about the sentence when he was in contempt of court for fleeing the country decades ago. The judge also scoffed at Polanski's request for guidance on how to come back to the country with assurance his sentence had been fulfilled. (TMZ)


Nancy Kerrigan and Kristi Yamaguchi Poke Fun at "Break a Leg" Tweet With A New Sign. It's all in good fun. When it came time for Nancy Kerrigan to hit the ballroom stage as a competitor on Dancing With the Stars, longtime friend and fellow former ice skater Kristi Yamaguchi knew exactly how to cheer her on from the audience. The Olympic champion held a sign that read, "BREAK A LEG NANCY!" Of course, it was hard to ignore the history of the pun. On the first night of the competition three weeks ago, Yamaguchi urged Kerrigan to "break a leg" in a harmless tweet. However, the Internet was quick to point out the irony in the athlete's words as Kerrigan was famously attacked in 1994 by someone hired by competitor Tonya Harding's ex-husband and bodyguard to break her leg. Yamaguchi made light of the unintended joke when she proudly held the sign in the audience Monday night. "A special sign to cheer on my roomie @nancyakerrigan," she quipped on social media. "You shook your bon bons and then some!!! Awesome tonight!" Kerrigan samba-ed her way to a 33 out of 40 and remains in the competition. No matter what, she appreciated her pal's support. "So great having @kristiyamaguchi and her family at @DancingABC last night! Always fun to catch up!" she tweeted back. As expected, the Internet had a field day with the ongoing banter. "Savage friend goals," one Instagram user commented. "Great you both can laugh about it!" another added. Whatever you do, Nancy, just don't actually break your leg! (Eonline)

Kendall Jenner Stars in Pepsi's "Jump In" Commercial. The time has come for Kendall Jenner to "Jump In." The 21-year-old supermodel stars in Pepsi's "Jump In" commercial, released globally Tuesday. "I am thrilled to join the legendary roster of icons who have represented their generations and worked with Pepsi," the E! reality star tells E! News in a statement. "To me, Pepsi is more than just a beverage -- it registers as a pop culture icon and a lifestyle that shares a voice with the generation of today. The spirit of Pepsi -- living in the 'now' moment -- is one that I believe in. I make a conscious effort in my everyday life and travels to enjoy every experience of today." The ad was produced by PepsiCo's in-house content creation arm, Creators League Studio. "Standing together and being unified in the moment is a powerful experience," says Jamaican singer Skip Marley. "This song 'Lions' that Pepsi selected for the 'Moments' ad should remind our generation to look at the way you are living and find strength and calm in each moment." According to a press release, the company will be celebrating life's "Live for Now" moments throughout 2017: "Moments when we decide to let go, choose to act, follow our passion and nothing holds us back." The short film starring Jenner "captures the spirit and actions of those people that jump in to every moment," the beverage company adds. It features multiple lives, stories and emotional connections that show passion, joy, unbound and uninhibited moments." Jenner joins a long list of Pepsi's celebrity spokespeople. Previous brand ambassadors include Beyonce, Drew Brees, Nicki Minaj, Janelle Monáe, One Direction, Pink and Britney Spears. (Eonline)

Yolanda Hadid Named Mother of the Year and Accepts Gigi Hadid's Fashion Award For Her. Yolanda Hadid, the proud mother of Gigi, Anwar and Bella Hadid, had more than one reason to celebrate at The Daily Front Row's third annual Fashion Los Angeles Awards this weekend. The former supermodel was the recipient of the Mother of the Year Award, but she also swung by the event to accept daughter Gigi Hadid's honor for Best Design Debut. Gigi's collection with Tommy Hilfiger, TommyxGigi, led to the FLAs honor as one of the most influential and courageous influencers on Hollywood style. But for Yolanda, the awards aren't nearly as important as what she gets to do on a daily basis. "I'm just honored to be a mom every day," said the former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star. "I love being a mom. Every day I feel like it's a blessing." Being a mom also means that when your kids are sick, you help them out -- and for Yolanda, this means accepting awards when Gigi can't be there. While Gigi was stuck at home sick, Yolanda told E! News that she was disappointed that Gigi couldn't be a part of the night's festivities. "We were looking forward to getting ready together," Yolanda said before adding, "but unfortunately, she has the flu and still had a fever this morning, so it was just not meant to be right now." Even though Gigi's decision to expand from catwalk to concept art was a major career move, it didn't feel like much of a change from her proud mother's point of view. When asked how she felt about Gigi receiving the honor, Yolanda went on to explain that Gigi has always had a flair for fashion. "It feels natural," she said. "[Gigi]'s been doing her own thing her whole life, even at a young age when I would dress her shirt and waist. She's always had her own vibe, so it almost feels like it's just an extension of something that has been part of her." With all the world in love with Bella and Gigi, one might suspect that Yolanda was the sole protector of the secret parenting formula, but Yolanda insisted that there isn't just one trick to being a good mother. "No two children are alike," she said. "We need to honor who they are authentically as a human being and I think that's when children really can flourish. I've never believed in putting them all in one box, that one education is right for all of them or one parenting style. They're all different." Not only did the event honor Yolanda and Gigi, but also was a time when the star could celebrate feeling good for the first time since her diagnosis with Lyme Disease in 2012. The star also recently announced that she will host her own Lifetime TV show to coach aspiring models, which will be possible because of her improving health. "For the first time, I can say I'm feeling really good," she said happily. "I still have to live a very conscientious life. I'm in remission and still continuing to search for a cure for Lyme Disease, but I'm the best I've felt in six years, so I'm just grateful." (Eonline)

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx Spotted on a Dinner Date in New York City. Did Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx finally and officially confirm their romance? According to celebrity blog Fameolous, the two were spotted eating dinner together on Sunday night in the East Village in New York City. In the photo, you can see Holmes clearly, wearing glasses, a black jacket and a ponytail. Though it's harder to see Foxx, you can make out the back of his head and his distinct style: a white fedora and faded sunglasses (both of which he wore in his most recent Instagram photo). Meanwhile, romance rumors have circulated the duo since 2013 when they were photographed dancing together at a charity event, and they've been pretty much non-stop ever since. Though both of their reps have denied the reports as "categorically untrue," former Real Housewives of Atlanta star Claudia Jordan chatted on the Allegedly podcast in June and made waves by seemingly confirming they are, in fact, together. When asked about Foxx, Jordan said, "[He's a] good friend of mine. Never [hooked up with him]." When asked about his relationship with Holmes, Jordan added, "He is very happy with her. I like that he seems very happy." Though Jordan retracted her statements after they made major headlines, sources have also confirmed to E! News that Holmes and Foxx have been dating for "years." One insider said it's "not a secret among their friends." The source also mentioned that they've been able to keep it under wraps by strategically coordinating their arrivals and departures in able to be at the same place at the same time but not attract too much attention. We were told they also made sure to never been seen in public together...well that is, until now. (Eonline)

Despite being a model, Ireland Baldwin is publicly struggling with her body image. "Sometimes I get caught up in the opinions of others and I get really down on myself," she wrote alongside a Boomerang of herself in a bra and thong on Sunday, "I am pale white. I hardly tan. I have cellulite. I'm not petite. I'm around 6 ft. I drop weight rather quickly but gain it by eating one bagel. I'm a 36 D cup and I have a booty. I've got inner thigh fat. And outer thigh. And just straight up thigh fat." She continued, "I've gone from a size 00 to a size 6 to a size whatever to not knowing to not eating to eating boxes of pizza to starving myself to being gym obsessed to eating my way out of a Sprinkles cupcakes bakery to now." Ireland is the 21-year-old model daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger. She was infamously berated by her actor father in 2007 when he left her a voicemail in which he called her a "rude, thoughtless little pig." Baldwin recalled the incident in his memoir, "Nevertheless," writing that it left a "permanent break" in their relationship. "It's thrown in your face every day," Baldwin, 59, told Stephanopoulos in a "Good Morning America" interview that aired Monday. "It's a scab that never heals cause it's being picked at all the time by other people. My daughter, that's hurt her in a permanent way." In her post, Ireland wrote that she's ready to work on herself, saying that she's been "unfocused" and "losing energy." "I need to reset my mind and body," she wrote, "I now take this harsh world with a grain of salt and accept myself for who I am." She then came to a realization in her post that "maybe you need to learn to love yourself before you can do anything." Baldwin says she will spend the next month doing a cleanse where she will attempt not to obsess about her body size and she will be posting tips along the way, although she clarified that she's not an expert when it comes to health and fitness. "Lord knows I love deep fried pizza and I shout super-size me from the mountaintops, but I do know what I've done in the past to reach my goals and I want to share them with girls who are in my shoes. It's time to love yourself and take care of our bodies!!! ," she ended the lengthy post. (Page Six)

At her highest weight Mama June Shannon tipped the scales at 460 lbs., now after intense surgery and seven weeks of hiding she's finally debuting her new body and why she'll "never go back" to being overweight. After years of binge eating junk food combined with little to no exercise, Shannon steadily packed on the pounds. Once she found out her ex-husband Mike "Sugar Bear" Thompson was getting remarried, Shannon decided to get in shape for the wedding. Viewers have since watched her drastic transformation on WE tv's Mama June: From Not to Hot as the reality star spent upwards of $75,000 to have gastric sleeve surgery, breast augmentation and skin removal surgery on her "turkey neck," "bat wings" and stomach -- where a combined total 9 lbs. of skin was removed. Now Shannon is adamant she'll keep the nearly 300 lbs. off with better food decisions, exercise and portion control. "I can promise you I'm never going back to that size," she says. "I'm happy where I'm at." With her weight finally under control, Shannon hopes her daughters Lauryn "Pumpkin Shannon," 17, and Alana "Honey Boo Boo Thompson," 11, will embrace the same lifestyle changes, though it's not something she's forcing on them. (Shannon also has a 20-year-old daughter Jessica "Chubbs" Shannon and eldest, estranged daughter child Anna "Chickadee" Cardwell, 22.) "I do worry about their health, but I'm not going to say, 'You got to eat salads all the time,' " says Shannon. "I've seen Pumpkin and Alana lose and gain weight, but I don't want them to end up like I did at 460 lbs. Who would want that?" While Shannon's new diet is a learning process, she's still allowing herself her favorite foods like barbecue and Mexican food in moderation -- a lesson she learned the hard way. "I'm not going to lie to you: I have thrown up, because you can't over eat with the gastric sleeve," she says. "That's not a thing that I recommend to somebody. You realize what you can and can't do, and when you do it that one time, you don't do it again." The finale of Mama June: From Not to Hot airs Friday at 9 p.m. ET on WE tv. (People)

In case of an emergency... pass the vodka. Miranda Lambert's assistant always makes sure the country superstar has a bag of booze at all times. "My assistant packs -- I call it my nanny bag -- she packs a bag of liquor for emergencies, for meltdowns and things like that," Lambert told Sounds of Nashville. The nanny bag came in handy recently when Lambert's flight to the ACM Awards was canceled and her tour manager rented the singer and her crew a bus to drive to Las Vegas. "I'm like okay, we're good, I'm golden. We just need a cooler of ice and we're going. It was fun." The "Vice" singer recently opened up to fans about a time she relied a little too much on alcohol. "I got divorced so I started drinking a little extra," she said during a January concert before singing her song "Ugly Lights." "I found myself in Midtown in Nashville three nights in a row at like last call and with the lights coming on, and I'd be sitting there," she said of the inspiration behind "Ugly Lights." "So I wrote a song about it." Lambert won album of the year and female vocalist of the year at this year's ACM Awards which took place Sunday night. (Page Six)


Anderson East Says He ''Couldn't Be More Proud'' of Miranda Lambert After Her History-Making Win at 2017 ACM Awards. Anderson East is one lucky fella! The country singer accompanied girlfriend Miranda Lambert to Sunday night's 2017 Academy of Country Music Awards, and after her history-making win, Anderson couldn't help but share a special message to The Weight of These Wings artist. "Couldn't be more proud of this little lady and the amazing art she brings with her," East, 28, wrote alongside a black and photo of the pair sitting in the front row of T-Mobile Arena. The "What Would it Take" performer sure has reason to celebrate Lambert, who became the first woman to win Female Vocalist of the Year for eight consecutive years since 2009. Miranda, 33, faced stiff competition up against Kelsea Ballerini, Maren Morris, Kacey Musgraves and Carrie Underwood, but ultimately came out on top. Miranda also beat out Dierks Bentley, Maren Morris, Florida Georgia Line and Keith Urban to win Album of the Year. During her acceptance speech, Miranda dedicated her incredible win to ladies everywhere. "Thank you so much guys. It really means the world to me. Carrie [Underwood] can see me under the table. We've agreed on that," she said. "I'm just glad to see females kicking ass these days. I'm so proud to be a part of that. So cheers to all of us girls out there dreaming. Thanks fans, thanks ACMs, thanks to my family and friends... I love you all," Lambert added. And yes, Anderson was admiring his leading lady from the front row, beaming smile and all. These two can't get any cuter! (Eonline)

Billie Joe Armstrong & Stephen Colbert Sing an 'Affordable' Version of 'Good Riddance'. It costs a lot of cash to sing popular songs on late night TV. But because Stephen Colbert is such a huge Green Day fan (part of a GD fan nation he's dubbed the "Green Beans"), he was determined to find a reasonably affordable way to perform one of his favorite songs by the group, "Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)." And so, on Monday night's (Apr. 3) show, he debuted a new segment: "Lyrics We Can Afford to Songs We Love." The concept was simple, really. Billie Joe strummed the familiar "Good Riddance" acoustic melody and Colbert and Armstrong replaced the tune's plaintive lyrics with public domain lines from Stephen Foster's beloved classic "Camptown Races." That bobtail nag never sounded so punk rock. And if that's not enough, check out this extended behind-the-scenes view of Billie and the boys' recent visit to The Late Show, including backstage interviews and bonus performance footage. (Billboard)

La Oreja de Van Gogh Announces Extensive Tour. The Spanish pop band to play over a dozen cities in U.S. and Puerto Rico before hitting Mexico and South America. Spanish pop group La Oreja de Van Gogh are set to play over a dozen cities in U.S. and Puerto Rico before hitting Mexico and South America. The band's extensive Americas trek kicks off on May 3rd at the Energy Arena in Laredo, Texas, and includes stops at D.C.'s Howard Theatre, B.B. King's in New York, Royce Hall in Los Angeles and the House of Blues in Orlando, Houston and Dallas. The Latin Grammy-winning, two-decade old band from San Sebastian released El Planeta Imaginario, its first album in five years, in late 2016.See the complete list of dates for La Oreja de Van Gogh's spring tour here. (Billboard)

Tommy Torres Performs at Fillmore Miami Beach: 'The First Time Is Never Forgotten'. On Saturday, Puerto Rican singer Tommy Torres performed for the first time at the Fillmore Miami Beach Theater with his Tu y Yo tour. The singer-songwriter captivated the audience with his romanticism, simplicity and good music. "The first time is never forgotten," he said. The two-hour spectacle included songs such as "Vinito Pal' Corazón," "De Rodillas," "Pegadito," "Nunca Imagine," "Besos y Sal," "Dame Esta Noche," "Como Olvidar" and his latest single "Perderme en Ti." He also made a medley with songs that he has written for other artists like "Tu Recuerdo" (Ricky Martin) and "Imparable" (Jesse & Joy). "Before you knew my voice, you first knew me through these songs." Undoubtedly, the moment of the night happened when Ednita Nazario hit the stage to perform "El Rio" with Torres. The audience was thrilled, especially when both artists culminated the song with a hug and a good kiss, like good friends. Cuban singer Diana Fuentes was also a guest artist. Torres' tour will continue in San Francisco on April 21 and Los Angeles on April 22. This year, Nazario joins top agents in the Memoir and Biopic discussion at the 2017 Billboard Latin Music Conference. (Billboard)

Bruce Springsteen's Original Lyrics, Clothing, Guitars & More On Sale for $7.5M. The collection includes more than 300 pieces of memorabilia. A Bruce Springsteen memorabilia collector's dream is up for sale at the price of $7.5 million. The "Ultimate Springsteen Collection," as it's being billed by dealer Moments in Time, contains more than 300 items ranging from the rock icon's guitars to lyrics to clothing and more. According to Moments in Time CEO Gary Zimet, the collection's seller accumulated the goods over a seven year period of time that began after he first purchased the 1957 Chevy Bel Air Convertible in which Springsteen wrote "Born to Run." He then began collecting fervently, building his own personal museum and contributing pieces to exhibits at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Some of the items included in this set for sale are Springsteen's 4F card excusing him from service in the Vietnam War, different drafts of "Born to Run" lyrics and the original flannel shirt Springsteen wore on the cover of his The River album. (The Bel Air is not included in the collection for sale.) "It's extraordinary that one person could assemble such a truly unbelievable collection," said Zimet. The collection also includes lyrics to "Born in the U.S.A.," "Rosalie," "Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out," a lyric notebook from 1968 containing 18 early songs and more. There are as well artifacts of Springsteen's first band, The Castiles, including an original acetate and early promotional photo. And amongst some of the more personal items previously owned by Springsteen are a temporary driver's license from 1974, an 8th grade report card (mostly Ds), a passport photo and the leather jacket worn on the Born to Run album cover. The price for all the items is fixed but Zimet said he would consider selling pieces individually. Earlier this year, separately, Moments in Time put the cars in which both Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac Shakur were fatally shot up for sale priced at $1.5 million each. (Billboard)

Justin Timberlake will headline the next Pilgrimage Music & Cultural Festival and he's lured some big names to join him, including Eddie Vedder, Ryan Adams, The Avett Brothers, Mavis Staples and Gary Clark Jr. The two-day annual festival debuted in 2015 on a horse farm in Franklin, Tennessee, and was co-founded by Kevin Griffin of the band Better Than Ezra. Timberlake is a partner and producer who will make his debut on its stage this fall. This year's festival will be held Sept. 23 and Sept. 24. Two-day passes go for $175 and there are VIP passes for $725. Tickets go on sale Tuesday. The lineup also includes Walk the Moon, Fitz and The Tantrums, Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue, The Revivalists and Better Than Ezra. (Page Six)


Rebel Wilson Proclaims "This Is Not the End" for the Bellas as Pitch Perfect 3 Officially Wraps Filming. We'll say what you're thinking: Please let this movie be aca-awesome. Less than two years after Universal Pictures greenlit a third installment in the popular movie franchise, fans learned that Pitch Perfect 3 filming is officially complete. "Bellas for Life. Can't believe we are wrapped," Brittany Snow shared on Instagram Monday afternoon. "I love these beautiful women. #pitchperfect3." Rebel Wilson added, "This is not the end. Bellas for life x." While it's far too soon to talk a fourth movie, a few plotlines for the third installment have been uncovered. When Universal first announced the project, they teased moviegoers with one detail: "Get ready to have a Merry Pitchmas." One familiar face who will be missing from the third movie is Skylar Astin. Back in December, the actor took to Twitter where he announced his departure from the film. "Yes. As of now, the Trebles and I won't be in the third Pitch Perfect movie," he wrote. "They seem to be taking the story in a different direction." At the same time, Skylar appeared more than supportive of his wife Anna Camp and the entire cast over the weekend before filming completed. "Wishing this Barden Bella a wonderful last day of filming on PP3. She and the rest of the cast worked really hard to rock this one out for you guys!" he shared. "Now go home and get that puggle!" Anna Kendrick and Hailee Steinfeld are also set to star in the movie with rumored cameos from Ruby Rose, Trinidad James and John Lithgow. Pitch Perfect 3 is set to hit theaters on Dec. 22. (Eonline)

After saying he'd rather "slash my wrists" than do a final Bond movie, sources say Daniel Craig is ready to sign on to return as 007 after Bond bosses decided Tom Hiddleston is "too smug and not tough enough" for the role. Multiple sources tell Page Six that Bond franchise producer Barbara Broccoli has "just about persuaded Daniel Craig to do one more Bond movie." This comes after Broccoli produced his hit off-Broadway production of "Othello" with David Oyelowo, which won Craig the serious acting plaudits he craved. A Hollywood source said, "Daniel was very pleased with how 'Othello' went and the great reviews. Now Daniel's talks with Barbara are going in the right direction. They have a script -- screenwriting duo Neal Purvis and Robert Wade [who've penned several Bond movies] are writing and they'll go into production as soon as Daniel is ready to commit." The source added, "Plus, Barbara Broccoli doesn't like Tom Hiddleston, he's a bit too smug and not tough enough to play James Bond." British actor Hiddleston's cringe-making romance with Taylor Swift sealed his fate with Bond producers, we're told, followed by his self-righteous Golden Globes speech, pontificating about his trip to South Sudan, and how Doctors Without Borders "binge-watched" his series. In 2015 Craig was asked if he'd be back again after finishing a difficult "Spectre" shoot, and replied, "I'd rather .?.?. slash my wrists .?.?. I'm over it at the moment." When asked who should take over the role, he added, "Look, I don't give a f?-?-?k." But apparently now he does. Another source added, "Daniel had such a good time in 'Othello,' produced by Barbara that he's ready to do a final Bond." Wade recently said the new film would be different from "Spectre." "You've got to say something about Bond's place in the world, which is Britain's place in the world. But things are moving so quickly now, that becomes tricky. With people like [Donald] Trump, the Bond villain has become a reality." Reps for Craig and Broccoli didn't get back to us. (Page Six)

Richard Hatch in One of His Final Performances. The late actor's film 'Asylum of Darkness' will be available April 11 on VOD. One of Richard Hatch's final onscreen performances will be unveiled later this month, Heat Vision has learned. Asylum of Darkness, about a man who plots his escape from a mental asylum while fighting off supernatural forces, will premiere on VOD April 11. In an exclusive clip from the film, Hatch's character, Dr. Shaker, shows off his scarier side. Asylum of Darkness is written and directed by Jay Woelfel and also stars Tim Thomerson, Tiffany Shepis, Nick Baldasare, Amanda Howell and Frank Jones Jr. Hatch, the Golden Globe-nominated star of Battlestar Galactica, died February after a private battle with cancer. Hatch has several more films coming out, including a stirring lead performance in Diminuendo, the film he was shooting when he learned he was ill. (Hollywood Reporter)

Disney Distribution Duo to be Honored at CineEurope. Tony Chambers and Lee Jury, who helped lead 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' to become the third highest grossing film ever in Europe, will receive the event's international distributors of the year award. Following a year in which it broke $7 billion at the global box office, Disney is set to be honored at this year's CineEurope. Tony Chambers, head of studio sales and distribution, and Lee Jury, head of studio marketing for the Walt Disney Company, Europe, Middle East and Africa, are set to receive the international distributors of the year award at the event, held in Barcelona in June. "Both Tony Chambers and Lee Jury have set the bar incredibly high since taking over the sales, distribution and marketing of the EMEA division at the Walt Disney Company," said Andrew Sunshine, vp of the Film Expo Group. "We are so delighted to have the opportunity to honor Tony and Lee for their accomplishments in leading Disney to a record breaking success at the box office in 2016." Chambers and Jury oversaw the successful theatrical release of numerous titles across Europe, including Star Wars: The Force Awakens-the 3rd highest grossing movie ever released in the region. With their UK/Irish specific responsibilities they also delivered more than $370 million at the box office in 2016, the biggest-ever single box office year recorded by any theatrical distributor in that market. (Hollywood Reporter)


The First Trailer for Spike TV's I Am Heath Ledger Documentary. Prepare to look back at Heath Ledger's incredible life in Spike TV's I Am Heath Ledger documentary. The 90-minute film, which will first debut at the Tribeca Film Festival on April 23, will feature never-before-seen footage of the late star as well as examine Ledger's life through the lens of his own camera. I Am Heath Ledger also features interviews from close friends, family and Hollywood colleagues such as Naomi Watts, Ben Mendelsohn, Emile Hirsch, director Ang Lee and more. The first trailer gives fans a look at the effect Ledger had on everyone. Not only through his movies but also through his actions, Ledger made waves wherever he went. "He was always a director," childhood friend Trevor DiCarlo says as footage of Ledger holding a camera plays. "Acting was just a way to get there." Bloodline star Mendelsohn says it was Ledger's role in Brokeback Mountain that forever changed his career. "Before Brokeback Mountain came in, it would have been unthinkable to have a romantic tragedy involving two gay cowboys," Mendelsohn says. "This is one of the biggest heartthrobs on earth taking on that character. That's an artist." The documentary also goes behind-the scenes of the shooting of The Dark Knight as Heath morphed into the psychotic criminal-mastermind that earned him a posthumous Oscar. I Am Heath Ledger premieres Wednesday, May 17 at 10:00pm ET/PT on Spike TV. There will also be a limited theatrical release May 3 with digital/DVD release on May 23. (Eonline)

The Defenders Teaser Puts Netflix's Marvel Heroes Together and Jessica Jones Is Serving the Attitude (As Per Usual). Defenders, assemble! The first teaser for Netflix's Marvel superhero team-up series, The Defenders, is here. It's quick, but filled with just enough Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter) sass to make the 16-second video worth it. In the video, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage (Mike Colter), Danny Rand aka Iron Fist (Finn Jones) and Matt Murdock aka Daredevil (Charlie Cox) are seen via elevator security camera in Midland Circle. The time stamp, 8:18:20:17, confirms the August 18 premiere date. Luke Cage is out of prison, obviously, and has bullet holes in his shirt, Daredevil is in a Matt Murdock suit with a makeshift mask and Iron Fist is out of breath. Jessica Jones is in her trademark leather jacket because anything else would just be wrong. Daredevil fans will recall the Midland Circle construction site is where Daredevil and Elektra (Elodie Yung) found that huge, well, hole. Marvel's The Defenders sees the casts of Daredevil, Iron Fist, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones coming together to save the day and stop Alexandria, a mysterious villain played by Sigourney Weaver. The cast also includes Eka Darville as Malcolm, Rachael Taylor as Trish Walker and Carrie-Anne Moss as Jeri Hogarth from Jessica Jones, Luke Cage's Simone Missick as Misty Knight, Daredevil's Deborah Ann Woll as Karen Page, Scott Glenn as Stick and Elden Henson as Foggy Nelson, Iron Fist's Jessica Henwick as Colleen Wing and Rosario Dawson as Claire Temple. After The Defenders, Daredevil will return for a third season, Jessica Jones for a second and Luke Cage also for a second. Need even more Defenders, there's a secret site for the New York Bulletin, the newspaper Karen Page begins working for. You can see previous covers based on the various shows, an ad for Colleen Wing and a teaser for a series based on the everyday heroes of New York featuring Claire Temple. (Eonline)

Nick Viall, Peta Murgatroyd on Being in Dancing With the Stars Jeopardy -- Did They Deserve Better Scores? Nick Viall and Peta Murgatroyd aren't hiding behind a poker face when it comes to their Dancing With the Stars scores. The couple, who danced the tango to Lady Gaga's "Poker Face," were the last to be called safe in week two of the competition. They received a score of 26 from the four judges. "I loved our performance. I felt like he was so much better than last week, we did so much more content, he improved so much, he wasn't as nervous, it was just an all-around better dance for us," Peta told E! News after the show. "I really thought we could've gotten better scores, but that's how it goes. I'm just going to take the criticism and move onto next week and make sure it's nice and fluid for next week." "It's certainly nerve-racking. I don't take anything for granted on this show, so, you know, onto the next," Nick said. Despite being in the bottom two, the pair weren't the lowest-scored celebrities. You know what they say: Votes matter. And since we had Nick, you know it's time for an update on how things are going with his Bachelor fiancee Vanessa Grimaldi: "Not much has changed, it's still pretty great. It's only been six days, but thanks for the follow-up," he cracked. Peta's fiance Maksim Chmerkovskiy was in the audience after being sidelined from dancing with partner Heather Morris. He underwent a procedure to repair his calf and has been receiving treatment for the last week. "He's been doing really great," Peta said, noting his recovery is going quicker than expected. "I think he should be back in a couple of weeks." While he's been out, Heather has danced with Alan Bersten. The two did the tango to Britney Spears' "Toxic" and received a 33 from the judges. Dancing With the Stars airs Mondays, 8 p.m. on ABC. (Eonline)

Does Anyone Want a Thomas-Landon Romance on Southern Charm?! "Why not just take a chance? Let's give it a shot." In the season four premiere of Southern Charm, fans were shocked to see the episode begin with a flash-forward that found Thomas, he who has two kids from a tumultuous relationship with Kathryn, asking Landon, she who was accused of hooking up with T-Rav by Kathryn last season, to give a romance with him a real shot. Jaws dropped. Records scratched. Mics dropped. While Bravo viewers will have to wait to see how Landon responds -- and eventually how Kathryn will react -- to Thomas' declaration, their Southern Charm co-stars are weighing in on the potential romance. Never one to sugarcoat things, Cameran is firmly against a Thomas and Landon relationship. "I think it's a terrible, horrible, no-good, very-bad idea," our trusty narrator told E! News' Carissa Culiner in Charleston. "I don't get it. I don't understand it. No. Bad, bad, bad." As for Shep, he seemed more into the idea, saying, "Despite her protests, she never truly said, 'No thank you, Thomas.' She left the door open time and time again. I can't wait to watch it!" But didn't Landon tell Shep she loved him last season? Nope, you didn't imagine that. And yes, things are still awkward between the old friends. "We had a little squabble over the summer...then this year, I would say it's not a cold war, it's just a little chilly," Shep said. "I still will never forget all the fun we've had as friends and I'll never let that go." Despite their summer squabble, Shep was still quick to defend Landon from the "sexist attitude" some fans have when it comes to the Landon-Thomas-Kathryn love triangle situation. "Thomas is the one who wants to foster a relationship," he said, "how is that Landon's fault?" As if dealing with T-Rav, Shep and her new younger beau Drew wasn't enough of a roster to handle, a little birdie (cough -- Shep -- cough!) told us sparks may just fly between Landon and the new guy Austen, who made his debut in the night's premiere, as the season progresses. "Landon and I had had a great time together, and we always did, and that line can be blurred, especially as two members of the opposite sex," Austen spilled. "Landon and I definitely gravitated toward each other." So what does Austen think of Landon and Thomas'...whatever-you-want-to-call-it? Southern Charm airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on Bravo. (Eonline)

Kathryn Dennis is anxiously awaiting the day she can spend time with her kids whenever she wants -- and without people around her questioning her ability to be a good mom. Monday's episode of Southern Charm showed Dennis returning from rehab but as embroiled as ever in a years-long custody battle with ex Thomas Ravenel, the man she met on the show and welcomed two children with: daughter Kensie, 3, and son Saint, almost 18 months. Though Dennis is fully committed to proving her sobriety and her commitment to her children, she knows it's not going to be an easy path. In one particularly gut-wrenching scene from the season tease, Ravenel takes their children away as Dennis sobs. Dennis legally cannot speak about the ongoing custody arrangement with her ex, but she does tell PEOPLE that getting to spend limited time with her kids has been "the most difficult challenge I can imagine anyone could ever go through in life. Those are my two angels." She confesses, "There are so many days when I just see a toy or something randomly misplaced and break down in tears." Leaning back on the work she did in treatment to improve herself and strengthen her sobriety, she notes, "I've learned that I have cope right now because there is an end to all of this custody [conflict]. There's a light at the end of the tunnel. And I have to remain true to myself and remain resilient in my recovery. There's going to be a day when things get back to normal, and that day's getting closer and closer." Dennis says she's been focusing on being more present by practicing yoga and is even considering getting certified to teach Mommy & Me yoga. And while she still might "bawl for 10 minutes" when she has to say goodbye to her children, she's taking steps to make sure she can support herself, and them, in the future. "I'm trying to figure out what exactly I want to do with my life as a person and as someone who's going to be a provider never dependent on anyone or on any man," she says. "I'm saving my money. I'm living back at home, which is great for me. I have privacy and time to really think about these things. I want normalcy. I want to lead a more simple life. My relationship with Thomas was complicated and my reality with him was so chaotic. I just want to get back to the things that I loved prior to that and put on the backburner for some years." She's learning to stay in the moment -- especially when she has visits with Kensie and Saint: "It's difficult because I get such little time with them, so it's just about enjoying that time and enjoying family." Southern Charm airs Mondays (9 p.m. ET) on Bravo. (People)

Steph Curry Takes Life Lessons from James Corden on 'Carpool Karaoke'. "I'm going to make him great in every aspect of his life," Corden promises Curry. Steph Curry's new life coach uses rather unorthodox methods. The NBA MVP took a ride with The Late Late Show host James Corden on Monday night (Apr. 3), who took it upon himself to "center" perhaps the greatest 3-point shooter basketball has ever seen. Corden's left field approach took Curry first to the miniature golf course. "Be the ball, let the ball be you," was among the mantras Corden pushed on a skeptical Curry. Corden suggested Curry "change up his image" as he was too nice, which was again met with derision from the squeaky clean Golden State Warriors star. The two moved on to other games including air hockey (Curry win), rock-paper-scissors (Curry win), Dance, Dance Revolution (Curry win). In the end, Curry insisted they sing a little in the car "Carpool Karaoke" style (something that has always been his dream), although, his song choices didn't extend far beyond Disney hits from Frozen. And wouldn't you know it? He nailed that too. (Billboard)

Reality TV Struggles to Find a New 'Voice'. Drama is still king on the international television market, but rising costs and the threat of a Hollywood writers' strike could give a boost to a new crop of reality TV. Reality TV has been waiting for a new hit show to conquer the world. And waiting. And waiting. The Voice, which launched in 2011, was the last blockbuster reality show to follow the likes of Idol, Got Talent, Dancing With The Stars and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and become a global ratings phenomenon. Every year since, the people who make, and buy, reality TV gather in Cannes for the MIPTV market, hoping to find the next big thing in so-called non-scripted TV. NBCUniversal's World of Dance, a dancing competition show featuring Jennifer Lopez and Lionsgate's Candy Crush -- a game show based on the hugely-popular mobile videogame -- are two of the most promising candidates for 2017. But the buzz is nothing compared to years past, where the latest hot reality format was the talk of Cannes and multi-million dollars deals quickly followed. "Scripted series are the sexy thing right now, that's what everybody is talking about, because there's been a renaissance in TV drama," admits Phil Gurin, the veteran reality TV producer (Shark Tank) and the head of the newly-created unscripted division at American film and TV production company IM Global. "You still have reality TV hits but instead of selling to 120 countries, like Idol or The Voice, you sell to 10-15 countries." "The (reality TV) business has actually grown, in terms of revenue in the last five years, but instead of home runs like The Voice, you getting a lot more singles and doubles," says Tim Crescenti of independent production house Small World. "I think a lot of time gets lost trying to find the next big thing." Crescenti notes that Small World's Better Late Than Never, a non-scripted comedy which follows older celebrities on their "bucket list" adventures, was a ratings hit for NBC (which has renewed the show for a second season) and has been optioned for local adaptations in 17 countries. "It's a solid success, and a good business, even if it isn't on the level of The Voice," he adds. In fact, MIPTV is full of these reality TV "singles and doubles": shows like Red Arrow's Married at First Sight, All3Media's Gogglebox or Ninja Warrior for Japan's Dentsu. All are money makers but none command the instant global recognition -- or the millions in revenue -- of previous reality juggernauts. "Part of it is the audience has more choice now, with so many channels, including digital and on streaming services, which goes someway to explain why you aren't getting 1-2 formats going everyone, it's more evenly shared now," says Nick Smith, SVP of International Format Production at All3Media International. Smith argues that reality shows with a niche appeal are more in fashion now among channels with a smaller, but more precisely defined audience. Sneakers, one of All3Media's new shows at MIPTV, is a Pimp My Ride for sports shoes which targets sneaker heads the world round. A+E's new reality show Bride & Prejudice follows gay couples about to get married and their conflicts with their disapproving straight parents. The latter is also an example of what Smith sees as a new trend in reality TV towards "more socially responsible and life-improving shows. Gone are the days of reality TV being about horrible people fighting one another for our amusement." One of the best of these new "social responsible" reality shows is The Homeless Experiment, a Dutch format which Banijay International is selling. The show sees local celebrity live rough on the street and finding out firsthand what homeless really means. "It's done very well for us because it feels relevant," says Carlotta Rossi Spencer, head of global formats acquisitions at Banijay. "That's what the reality TV business has become: you have to find what is socially-relevant, and that can vary widely from country to country." Spencer, however, warns not to write off reality TV just yet. "Every time something is declared 'dead' in the TV business, it means something new is about to happen, and I think that's true when we talk about the death of reality TV," she says. Spencer notes how both Amazon and Netflix are moving into non-scripted formats, with the likes of The Grand Tour (Amazon) and Ultimate Beastmaster (Netflix). Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Amazon Studios head Roy Price said reality TV is one of the company's priorities, particularly in international markets. One of Amazon's most successful shows in Japan is local version of The Bachelor, a reality show in which women compete for the affections of an eligible single guy. The economics, and more recently, the politics, of television drama could also work in reality TV's favor. The boom in drama series has driven up production costs, as studios bid for the same limited pool of top acting and showrunner talent. While U.S. series on many international channels are drawing smaller audiences than ever before -- as more eyeballs move to Netflix, Amazon and co. -- prices for the best American series keep going up. International broadcasters, seeing their profit margins squeezed, may begin to turn to more cost-effective reality shows. Then there's the looming threat of a writer's strike. If Hollywood's Writers Guild and the AMPTP studio alliance aren't able to reach agreement on a new union deal for writers when talks resume on April 10, the new season of scripted shows could be in danger. "If there's a strike, reality becomes a lot more appealing," says one major European buyer. "At least you know you'll have something to put on air. (Hollywood Reporter)

ITV's 'Victoria' Expands Empire with Global Sales. 'Loch Ness' and 'Prime Suspect' also saw international pick-ups for ITV Studios Global Entertainment. Victoria, ITV's lavish chronicling of the early years of British monarch Queen Victoria (played by Jenna Coleman), has seen pick-ups in several European territories. The series, the first season of which already aired in the U.K. and on PBS in the U.S., has been acquired by satellite broadcaster YES Israel, while a free-to-air TV broadcast window in Italy has been secured with Mediaset. The show recently launched in the country on pay TV channel La Effe. Victoria was also picked by VOD service IVI in Russia, where it will also launch simultaneously on pay TV via the Kino Premium Channel. Away from palaces and crowns, two other dramas attracted some international attention for ITV Studios Global Entertainment. Loch Ness, due to air in the U.K. later this year, sold to RTL in the Netherlands, Denmark's DR, TV4 in Sweden and Norway's TV2. These deals follow on from sales to a number of other European markets through an earlier pre-sale agreement with NBC, which is also launching the series later this year. Crime series Prime Suspect: Tennison, was also been acquired by DR in Denmark, as well as SVT in Sweden and BBC First in the Middle East. The series launched in February on ITV in the U.K. with over 5 million viewers. (Hollywood Reporter)

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