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Tuesday, April 4, 2017


Your purse is personal and it can say plenty about your personality. "A woman's handbag is an extension of who she is," says Kathy Eisman, author of "How To Tell A Woman By Her Handbag." From enormous satchels to classy little clutches, see which category you fall into when it comes to the accessory no woman would be without: 

  • A big tote bag you are relaxed and put more importance on your personal life than your job. You are a gal who enjoys life. 
  • A compact shoulder bag you may be a little on the rigid side, but you never have to fish for your keys. Your pocketbook is loaded with pockets and zippers to keep everything in its proper place, indicating you are focused and organized. 
  • Ladies who prefer small pouches are dainty, soft spoken and prefer pastel colors over loud ones. You carry only the essentials to enhance your femininity, like a small billfold, lipstick, compact and tiny package of tissues. 
  • If a briefcase style bag is your thing, you are all business, whether you are running the household or your own company. There is no room for clutter either in your bag or your life. You like classic clothes and sensible shoes, and you refuse to wait on your husband and kids hand and foot. 

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