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Friday, April 21, 2017


Men's Health outlines covert female signs that scream "I want you!"
  • I rub my lips together often in your presence. 
  • I sit at the edge of my seat. 
  • Instead of merlot, I order a Corona, which, conveniently, is severed in a bottle -- the better to sexily sip from. 
  • My speech pattern is starting to resemble, like, Kim Kardashian's. 
  • You smoke. I don't. Yet I'm talking to you. 
  • I touch you (for any reason) more than once. 
  • I laugh, frequently and nervously, even amid humorless conversation. 
  • I use your name often in conversation. 
  • I tell you that you look like some particular celebrity, which means I think both you and the celebrity are very hot. 
  • The place is a rod-fest, yet I'm talking to you and you alone. 
  • My cell phone rings and I don't answer it. And I turn off my ringer immediately.

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