Wednesday, April 19, 2017


(from Men's Health)

  • His dad is the one he's most likely to cite as his hero 
  • 54% of men count a professional athlete among their heroes 
  • Soldier is the profession men say is the most heroic 
  • 3,449 is the number of soldiers who've received the Medal of Honor 
  • 20% of the medals were awarded posthumously 
  • 90% of Carnegie Medals for civilian heroism have been awarded to men 
  • 6% of men who've met their real life heroes, have been let down 
  • The average guy defines heroism as doing what's right, regardless of personal consequences 
  • Top two heroic acts men perform are tending to car accident victims and saving a person from drowning 
  • 31% of men consider themselves heroic 
  • 60% of rescuers say time seemed to stand still while they responded to an emergency 
  • 25% of men say they've experienced a surprising surge of strength during an emergency 
  • Batman is the average guy's favorite superhero 
  • 88% of men say they would not be able to resist abusing their superpower 
  • 58% of men say that female superheroes turn them on

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