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Tuesday, April 4, 2017


(Men's Health) Potential employers are going to metaphorically frisk you, searching social media both professional and personal, to understand not only what you do during work hours but also what type of person you are when you're not on the job. Before you begin your search for a new career, scrub your social media with the following tips in mind:

Edit your online self
Aggressive or disrespectful language in any context raises a red flag to human resources departments, of course. But political or religious statements and even innocuous social observations could be misconstrued when they're delivered solely on a social platform, says Kevin Grubb, executive director of the Villanova University Career Center. Keep track of your privacy settings to make sure your image matches the self you're selling.

Customize your bio
Your digital resume should highlight the experiences and strengths most relevant to the company you're courting. "Make an effort to think about the company and personalize the message," says Steve Netter, a director in strategic programs at Intel who has experience recruiting new talent.

Highlight achievements, not duties
Use data that quantifies your impact like sales figures, goals, or targets achieved, awards, and promotions to make your case, says Kevin Murry, senior director of talent acquisition at Wayfair.

Speak the language
Your name may not pup up in a Linkedin search if you're not using the right term. For example, one company might use "market research" and another "business development" to describe the same position. So be sure to include your target company's terms for the job you're after.

Erase bad stuff
Scrubber ( is just one service that will flag unflattering social posts.

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