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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Pooch parents know that if they woof it when they hoof it,

Pooch parents know that if they woof it when they hoof it, they are in better shape than pet free folks. Studies show that dogs are the reason the owners take healthy walks 66 percent of the time and that is extremely beneficial, especially to the 44 percent of Labrador lovers and fox terrier fanciers who are age 65 and older and say they get most of their weekly exercise by strolling with their schnauzers. "I'm fascinated by what a great motivator dogs can be," says animal behaviorist Dr. Sandra McCune, co-editor of the book, The Health Benefits Of Dog Walking For People and Pets. Florida based fitness instructor Shirley Archer, spokesperson for the American Council on Exercise, agrees. "Dogs can provide companionship," she explains. "Frisbee tossing, ball throwing, agility competitions, dog and human boot camps, are great opportunities to be active."

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