Wednesday, April 5, 2017


(Women's Health) Dude Food? Nope, 63 percent of pizza lovers are women, according to a new study. Three ways to get your fix without overstuffing you face:

Choose Margherita pizza

Those dollops of mozzarella typically do not span the whole pie's surface, so you are taking in fewer calories overall than with a classic cheese slice.

Pile on flavor

Opting for veggies over meat obviously saves calories. But the stronger the toppings like onions, mushrooms and artichokes the fewer pieces you will crave.

Do not be fooled by thin crust

It can cut nearly 100 calories per slice, but the "health halo" effect may make you overindulge. Try eating a regular crust pizza with a fork and knife treating it like a meal might make you eat less.

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