Wednesday, April 19, 2017


  • Police in Florida are investigating an incident at a nightclub where a photographer said he was "sucker punched" by singer Chris Brown. 
  • Steve Stephens, the man suspected of carrying out a chilling homicide in Cleveland that was filmed and shared via Facebook Sunday was found dead in Erie, PA, yesterday from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound following a police chase. 
  • Chipotle is raising its prices by 5%, its first increase in 3 years. 
  • A mother and daughter in the Czech Republic were enjoying a sauna when the door handle broke, trapping them inside. They were 65 and 45. 
  • A-Rod and J-Lo were seen partying with Marc Anthony in the Domincan Republic. 
  • Carmelo Anthony and his wife La La have separated. Apparently, they got into an argument after he allegedly knocked up a gentlemen's club dancer. 
  • Meghan Markle will attend Pippa Middleton's Wedding next month as Prince Harry's date. 
  • Over $43 million in American cash was found inside an apartment in Nigeria. You're way late if you were thinking of a Nigerian Prince joke. 
  • An Oregon man died "peacefully" after a friend falsely told him that President Trump had been impeached. 
  • They arrested a guy at Coachella last weekend and asked him to empty his backpack -- inside, over 100 cell phones he had stolen from concert goers. 
  • Tori Spelling, "Beverly Hills, 90210" star and daughter of late TV mogul Aaron Spelling, had over $700,000 drained from her bank account by the IRS to cover back taxes. 
  • Kid Rock is now engaged to his longtime girlfriend Audrey Berry. 
  • They're filming yet another version of "A Star is Born," this time, starring Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. 
  • Google bought over 1200 acres in Nevada for $29.1 million. Wonder what they're up to there? 
  • Kendall Jenner says she's not as girly as her Kardashian sisters. In her words, "I get that from my dad." 
  • Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May stunned her country by announcing that the general elections will be held on June 8. That's how they do it over there. 
  • Brace yourself: Starbucks unveils the Unicorn Frappuccino today. Same drink, but in rainbow colors. 
  • Richard Simmons has been hospitalized, and is battling severe indigestion. 
  • Apple is said to be working on a big iPhone overhaul for its 10 anniversary edition. 

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