Friday, April 7, 2017


  • Don Rickles, the acidic stand-up comic who became world-famous not by telling jokes but by insulting his audience, died of kidney failure on Thursday at his home in Los Angeles. He was 90. 
  • Once again, The Masters is up and running again at the Augusta National Golf Club. 
  • John Glenn was buried at Arlington National Cemetery yesterday. He had died in December at the age of 95. 
  • It's the time of year that your favorite TV show may or may not be back. The shows that are on the bubble: ABC -- American Crime, The Catch, Fresh Off the Boat, Imaginary Mary, Last Man Standing, Quantico. NBC -- The Blacklist: Redemption, Emerald City, Grimm, Powerless. FOX -- The Exorcist, The Last Man on Earth, Making History, Pitch, Prison Break, 24: Legacy. CBS -- Code Black, Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, Elementary, The Great Indoors, 2 Broke Girls. 
  • President Trump is wrapping up his two-day summit today with China's Xi Jinping at his Mar-a-Lago Club in Florida. 
  • According to a Yale study, drinking a glass of wine causes a reaction to the sensory and emotional parts of the brain, giving it a workout unlike anything else we consume. 
  • A Writers Guild strike is looming and if things aren't settled, the writers will walk May 2nd. The biggest impact: all the late-night shows, from Kimmel to Fallon and everyone in-between, along with SNL, would be shut down. 
  • Police in Fresno, California, have a mystery on their hands. They found a mostly naked woman walking in the middle of a street with webbed-toes on each foot who said she was a mermaid named Joanna. They've been unable to determine exactly who she is. 
  • The National Archives has reached out to the White House and requested that all of the president's tweets be saved and preserved for history. 
  • Megyn Kelly is now free to start showing up on NBC whenever she wants. 
  • Donald Trump, Jr. is talking about running for governor of New York. 
  • David Schwimmer and his wife of 7 years, Zoe Buckman, have separated. 
  • At the opening-day game for the Washington Nationals, fans unfurled a giant "Impeach Trump" banner in the stadium. 
  • UPS says they're going to start delivering packages on Saturdays. 
  • Kentucky is already listed as the odds-on favorite for the 2018 NCAA basketball championships. 
  • A town in Canada has switched over to Uber for its public transportation. 
  • They're calling that whole Pepsi/Kendall Jenner debacle Pepsicopalypse. 

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