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Monday, April 3, 2017


Jennie Garth turns 45 today. You know her from the original "90210" and "Melrose Place." I always thought her name sounded like a turkey product for country singers.

Olympic skier Picabo Street turns 46 today. Probably the only baby who never got to play the game of Peek-a-boo. You'd try and she's say, "What?"
She's just two years old than her sister, Lookie-That Avenue.
Not only a gold medal skier, but you could live on her.
Guess what her parents were playing when she was conceived.
She started skiing at a very young age and has been going downhill ever since.

Eddie Murphy is 56 today. He's making waffles. I also liked him best in "Shrek," although the movie made him look like an ass.

David Hyde Pierce, better known as Niles Crane from "Frasier," turns 58 today.
So, how do you feel about that?
I would say he was the one on the show with psychological problems, but that was pretty much the whole cast.
If you were to look up "persnickety" in the dictionary, you'd see his picture there.

Alec Baldwin is 59 today. He blames President Trump.

Tony Orlando turns 73 and will celebrate all by himself... Dawn has already broken.

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