Monday, April 10, 2017


Haley Joel Osmont, the cute kid in "The Sixth Sense," turns 29 today. He still sees dead people, but mostly just on Sunday nights during "The Walking Dead." I see a dead career.

It's Babyface's birthday. I think considering he's age 58, it's getting pretty close to name-change time. Something like Toddlerface.

Peter MacNicol, better known as "Biscuit" from the "Alley McBeal" TV series, turns 63 today. Next time you see a guy dancing to a Barry White song in a unisex bathroom -- that's him.

Action movie star Steven Seagal turns 65 today. He plans to celebrate by beating up the first people who remind him that he's 65. Ironically, he spent all those years making action movies... and now, he can't get any action.

Baseball's Ken Griffey, Sr. turns 67. I don't know if his famous son will be on hand to celebrate. Let's see... what was his name again? I can never remember.

Former football analyst and NFL coach John Madden turns 81.

National Siblings Day -- a day to celebrate some of the longest relationships in your life. Find out more by visiting the Siblings Day Foundation site.

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