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Tuesday, April 4, 2017


Illusionist David Blaine is working on the illusion of looking younger than 44 today. He's about to embark on his greatest feat ever -- making the prime of his life disappear, right before your very eyes. He's going to spend the day trying to figure out how to escape turning 44.

Nancy McKeon, who played Jo in "The Facts of Life," celebrates her 51st birthday today. Nothing like observing the birthday of a show and actress you barely remember who doesn't look anything like she used to look. I'm officially declaring this the last time we bring her up, until next year.

Robert Downey Jr. celebrates birthday number 52 today. He plans a quiet night at home, probably just doing a little laundry and then iron, man.

David Cross, who played Tobias on "Arrested Development" turns 53 today. If you didn't know, he's married to 33-year-old actress Amber Tamblyn.

Craig T. Nelson ("Coach," "Parenthood") turns 73 today. I can't think of the name of that TV series he used to be in... but he co-starred in "Blades of Glory" and played the coach.

Kitty Kelley turns 75 today. She's written many tell-all books about famous folks, including Frank Sinatra and Nancy Reagan. You can look them up after you look up Kitty Kelley.

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