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Thursday, April 6, 2017


Candace Cameron, who played DJ on "Full House" and "Fuller House," turns 41 today. Wow. Next thing you'll tell me is those cute little Olson twins are all grown up. They are?

Zach Braff, who we got to know in "Scrubs," turns 42 today. We need a birthday cake, stat! Talk about a guy who went from cutting edge to cutting hedges.

Jason Hervey -- he was older brother Wayne in the Wonder Years -- turns 45 today, butt-head. Must be weird to be in 2017, looking back to the 1990's when you played someone in the 1970's. I believe he was the first to ever say "Butthead" on TV. And also the second, third, fourth, etc.

Patrick Hernandez turns 68 today. He had a disco hit back in the 70's called "Born to be Alive." Almost time to sing, "Dying to be Dead."

John Ratzenberger turns the big 7-0 today. He was Cliff in "Cheers" and Hamm the toy pig in "Toy Story." I'd say a pretty complete career.

Plan Your Epitaph Day -- suggested epitaphs for celebrities from Ed Weiner's book:

"Here Lied Richard Nixon"
Jay Leno: "Chin Up"
Ralph Nader: "Recalled"
Woody Allen: "Mia Culpa"
Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel: "Four Thumbs Down"
Prince Charles: "Never Say Di"
McCauley Culkin: "Home Alone"
Oscar Mayer: "Home Balone"
Alan Dershowitz: "Appeal Denied"
Patty Hearst: "Tanya Tuckered"
David Lynch: "Rest in Peaks"
Catwoman: "Using Her Box"
Haagen-Dazs: "Forever In Our Hearts"
George Lucas: "F/X Marks the Spot"
Joseph Heller: "Something Happened"
Jack Nicholson: "One Easy Peace"
Geraldo Rivera: "Finally, the Right Vault"
Hugh Hefner: "Death, Be Not Prude"

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