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Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Thank You!

It took her days of trying, but Chicago mom Mary Graham was finally able to track down the stranger who saved her son's life in a Subway restaurant and took off before she could thank him. Indiana man Patrick Kissane was a customer in the restaurant last Tuesday night when Graham's 2-year-old son, Noah, started to choke on Doritos. Graham said, "He started to turn blue! He did one big gasp for air then he stopped breathing and it looked like he was going to pass out." Kissane sprang into action, took the boy out of his stroller, started patting his back and pressing his belly until the rogue piece of Dorito came up. But by the time Graham had finished cleaning the little boy up in the bathroom, Kissane was gone. Graham, who wanted to thank him and pay for cleaning the clothes Noah had vomited on issued an appeal on social media. Kissane's best friend saw a news report about the story and called the TV station. They finally met so that she, Noah, and the rest of the family could thank him in person. He wouldn't take her money, but she gave him a Subway gift card, and a picture of Noah with the message: "I smile on, because you care. Thank you for being my guardian angel." Kissane says, "If I'm ever feeling down, I can take a look at that and it'll definitely bring me right back up." He noted he has no formal emergency training, but he has picked up a few things from his dad, a physical therapist. (WGN)

News Anchor Realizes Husband Was Killed During a Report on the Air

Over in India, TV news anchor Supreet Kauer was live on the air and listening to a reporter relay news of a car accident that killed three people when Kauer suddenly realized that her husband was one of the victims. No names were given on the air, but she knew her husband was driving the same road in Pithora at the same time in the same kind of car as one of the two involved. For a moment her voice trembled, but she collected herself and carried on reading the news till the bulletin was over 10 minutes later. It wasn't until she emerged from the studio at the end of the segment and her husband's death was confirmed that she broke down. Kauer, who'd been married to Harshad Kawade for less than two years, is now being hailed around the world for her professionalism and composure in the midst of such shock. She has worked for the news agency since its inception nine years ago, and is described as being a very popular among viewers. Many locals are taking to social media to write both condolences and admiration, with comments such as "amazing grace" and, as the local chief minister wrote on Twitter, "extraordinary bravery and professionalism." The full news clip is on YouTube. (CNN)

Monkey Girl Story Sadder Than We Thought

You probably remember the story from last week of a young girl found being raised by monkeys in the forests of India. Rangers claimed they found the girl - about 8 years old, naked, crawling on all fours, and screeching - living with monkeys deep in a forest. Doctors now say the girl is mentally and physically disabled and had likely been abandoned by her family just a few days before she was found at most. The girl has been improving quickly in the hospital - a sign she had been living with humans until recently. She is now walking, standing upright and eating solid food. While she's still unable to speak, doctors say she understands what they're saying to her. Meanwhile, authorities say it's impossible she could have been in the forest for long without being spotted. Staff regularly patrols the area, and there are hundreds of cameras set up to track wildlife - not to mention the thousands of visitors roaming the area every year. Police are looking for the girl's family. (India Times)

That Time Your Airbnb Host Turned Out to Be a Racist Pig

Dyne Suh and her friends were minutes away from the cabin they'd booked on Airbnb for a weekend getaway in Big Bear, Calif., when the host abruptly canceled the reservation, leaving the group stranded in a snowstorm. Worse - the host told Suh she was doing simply because Suh is Asian. Suh originally made the reservation for two people, but later confirmed with the host that she could add two people and two dogs to the reservation. Upon texting the host again as they approached the cabin to ask how to pay for the additional guests, Suh got this in reply: "If you think 4 people and 2 dogs are getting a room for $50 a night on big bear mountain during the busiest weekend of the year ..... You are insanely high." Suh argued that they had already confirmed the additional people on the reservation; the host called Suh a "con artist" and said, "I wouldn't rent it to u if u were the last person on earth." She added: "One word says it all. Asian." When Suh responded that she would report the host to Airbnb for racism, the host replied, "Go ahead ... It's why we have trump." The incident happened over President's Day weekend, on Feb. 17, but is just now getting mainstream attention after being reported by NBC Los Angeles and KTLA. Suh, a law student, happened to park next to a KTLA reporter moments after the text exchange; he interviewed her then, though it's not clear why the interview didn't air until recently. As for Airbnb, they have permanently banned the racist host. (KTLA)

Alien Ship in the Ocean?

There's something very big - 2.5 miles in diameter - apparently crawling across the floor of the Pacific Ocean, some 3,000 feet below the surface. The object has left a 41-mile track behind it, as it rolls along the seabed, offshore of the California coast. The tracks almost resemble those left by tank treads. The object was found on Google Maps by alien hunting and conspiracy-theory group SecureTeam10. In a YouTube video, a team member says, "As you're seeing here, we have some very strange lines that almost look like a large vehicle was moving on the bottom of the ocean. However, some of these tracks definitely seem to be dug into the soil and are complete with shadows and basically look like massive trenches that aren't just images artifacts or sonar readings or anything like that." While many have expressed skepticism, others seem convinced the object is some kind of extra terrestrial intelligence. (

The Mansion is Free...But...

In Dyer, Arkansas, somebody is trying to giveaway a two-story 13,064- square-foot mansion to a charity or non-profit organization. There is one big but...and the "but" in this instance goes something like: but understand that it was built in the '70s for a convicted religious cult leader and his wife, that latter of whose embalmed body was kept inside the house for months while he waited for her to rise from the dead. It also is a bit of a fixer-upper. The front rooms have been gutted, the roof leaks, and vandals have stolen copper wiring and plumbing pipes. Teenagers keep breaking in to take photos of themselves. The home was built and owned by Tony and Susan Alamo but Mike and Brenda Morrell bought the 122-acre Alamo compound in 2000 for $838,000. Several buildings were on the property, which is 16 miles northeast of Fort Smith. A building where Alamo devotees made sequined denim jackets for Hollywood stars is now an 18-unit apartment complex. Susan Alamo died of cancer in 1982. For about six months, Tony Alamo refused to bury her, telling his followers that she would rise from the dead. In 2009 he was found guilty on 10 counts of taking young girls across state lines for sex. Some of them, as young as 8 years old, had been forced to become Alamo's "wives." He's now serving a 175-year prison term. With Alamo in prison, the Morrells held a reunion for people who had grown up on the Dyer compound. About 60 people attended, including family members. Rebecca Gay, 42, who now lives in Georgia, lived the first 14 years of her life at the compound near Dyer. She said the rules were strict and public beatings were common. At the reunion, Gay couldn't make herself go back into the mansion. When she thought about it, she could almost hear the screams of children echoing in her head. (Arkansas Online)

Lunch Shaming: Apparently Bigger Than We Thought

Lunch shaming has apparently become a big enough of a thing that states are now making it illegal. New Mexico has become the first - to make it expressly illegal to single out or humiliate a child who cannot pay for his or her lunch at school. Gov. Susana Martinez (R) signed The Hunger-Free Students' Bill of Rights into law last week and the bill is aimed at ending the practice of "lunch shaming." It also outlines procedures for schools to collect debts and helps families in signing up for federal free or reduced-price meal assistance. Advocates for children say tactics that stigmatize students with lunch debts are disturbingly common. This includes throwing kids' lunches away if they can't pay; making students clean the cafeteria; or requiring that they wear stickers, stamps or wrist bands that indicate they can't pay. In Albuquerque, a policy to give kids without lunch money cold cheese sandwiches and fruit partially backfired as some families began to see the sandwiches as punishment for being poor. Families whose received such a meal included those who were in the process of applying for free or reduced-price federal lunch assistance. What kind of people make rules like that to begin with? Who does that to a child? (Huffington Post)

What the What?

Amelia Hill has been nicknamed the "woman in a bubble" and lives as a prisoner in her own home in Adelaide, Australia, in a single sealed, toxin-free room as she is allergic to almost everything in the outside world. The 41-year-old says she suffers disabling "allergic" type reactions that can last from hours to weeks ever since she was exposed to termite spray when she was 15 years old. She spent years without a concrete diagnosis and suffered her inexplicable symptoms alone while doctors labeled her a hypochondriac. She was finally diagnosed at the age of 33 with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and Electrohypersensitivity or EHS, which is a physiological condition. Living in long-term isolation in a glass-home is a lonely life for Ms. Hill as she cannot have visitors and is forced to eat from a rotation of only seven foods. Her body rejects almost everything that healthy people take for granted: books, magazines, furniture, clothes, computers, television, wifi, perfume and even people. Friends have set up a Gofundme page to help raise money for in-home specialist visits, treatments and essential medical equipment. She spends her days blogging, using the power of words to cope with her lonely existence, and tells her legion of supporters that she is not ready to give up hope. She writes: "Even within the paradigm shattering scenario of serious illness, you will discover some things so profound, that they have the potential to reshape your entire perspective, your world and even your destiny." (Daily Mail)

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