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Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Biggest Tweet Ever?

There may soon be a new world record for the most retweets ever - courtesy of 16-year-old Cater Wilkerson and a random idea he decided to act upon. The boy apparently loves Wendy's chicken nuggets so last Wednesday night, he took to Twitter to ask: "Yo @Wendys how many retweets for a year of free chicken nuggets?" Wendy's responded that 18 million would do the trick. Wilkerson accepted the challenge with a tweet that was closing in on 3 million the last time we checked. For some perspective, the current largest retweet ever came after Ellen DeGeneres took to Twitter during the 2014 Oscars, with hers clocking in at just under 3.3 million retweets. Wilkerson now appears to have the second most popular tweet ever, having edged ahead of one by Louis Tomlinson of One Direction. (Twitter)

Don't Pose with Cobras

You'd think this would be a no-brainer, but our pro advice is NEVER pose with cobras! A guy in India tried it and then died moments after a picture was taken of him holding the cobra which indeed bit him. In a video, the guy tries to put the snake around his neck while others watch and film, but the cobra strikes him on the cheek. But he doesn't realize he's in trouble until a few minutes later when he suddenly loses consciousness. This is rural India so rather than taking him to hospital, the locals took him to a medicine man in Jodhpur. That didn't work out so well and our friend died within an hour. FYI: The venom of a cobra spreads through the bloodstream, leads to paralysis, respiratory failure, cardiac arrest and then death. The only way to counteract the effects of cobra venom (or most other poisonous snake venoms) is to inject the appropriate antivenom shortly after the bite occurs. If antivenom is unavailable, your life can still be saved by putting you on an artificial respirator until the paralysis of the diaphragm muscle wears off but - also FYI - medicine men typically don't have those available. (Metro)

Frat Hazing May Lead to Jail Time

Maybe you remember the story of the Central Michigan University student accused of spreading peanut butter on the face of a passed out fraternity brother. Problem was that particular frat had a huge peanut allergy and could have died. Now, 20-year-old Dale Merza, the guy who spread the peanut butter, has been charged with misdemeanor hazing and faces up to 93 days in jail and a $1,000 fine if convicted. But Merza - who has pleaded not guilty - says the incident targeting 19-year-old Andrew Seely "is simply not hazing." His lawyer, Bruce Leach, contends that the case "has been blown way out of proportion by the individual's family members, who were not present and don't have any of the facts." The incident happened in October, but Seely's mother only learned of it in March and posted on Facebook about it, saying her son "could have been killed." A professor took Seely to a campus health clinic, where he recovered. His parents say members of the university's unofficial Alpha Chi Rho fraternity, where the incident took place, were well aware of the seriousness of Seely's allergy. But frat members disagree and say the action was meant as a harmless prank. They add that Seely's decision to change schools at the end of the fall semester was unrelated to the incident. (Washington Post)

Like Father Like Son

There may be a political career ahead for Donald Trump Jr. Although the president's son has denied rumors he plans to run for governor of New York next year, he is not ruling out a possible run for office in the future. In an interview with the AP, Trump Jr. categorically denied any speculation that he might challenge incumbent Gov. Andrew Cuomo. "I am not running in 2018," Trump said in his first public comments about a possible candidacy next year. But he acknowledged having been bitten by the politics bug and said that he could consider a future run for office. "Maybe someday," he said. "It's not something I'm doing now. But you never know, it's fascinating stuff." And that's what we all want. Leaders who do it because it's fascinating! Stuff. (Newser)

Hold My Beer...

In another ironic mug shot moment, Connecticut police arrested 25-year-old Woodstock resident Harrison Wootton who crashed his car into a graveyard's low stone wall in Putnam. He was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, failing to drive in the proper lane, and misuse of plates. And at his arrest, and for his mug shot, he was wearing a wonderful T-shirt which read: "Hold My Beer And Watch This!" (Hartford Courant)

A Smoke and a Drink

At Aarhus University Hospital in Denmark, a 75-year-old man received very bad news after being admitted, but his nurse did what she could to make his final hours good ones. Carsten Flemming Hansen was suffering from a ruptured aortic aneurysm, and doctors told him he was too sick to have surgery - meaning the internal bleeding would kill him within days, perhaps even hours. As a final wish, Hansen told nurse Rikke Kvist that he would love to have one last cigarette and glass of wine. The hospital has a no-smoking policy, but Kvist got around it by rolling Hansen out on to a balcony and getting permission from the hospital. The hospital posted an image of the moment, which took place as the sun was setting. He died a few days later. (Yahoo News)

When Fathers and Daughters Bond

Police in Palm Bay, Florida have made several arrests after 38-year-old Robert Johnson allegedly gave his daughter pot-laced brownies to sell at a high school baseball game. Two students were sent to the hospital after eating the brownies. Johnson reportedly made the pot brownies at home, then gave them to his teenage daughter to sell. Police say they discovered Johnson was growing, cooking and packing the brownies, and using other students at both high schools to distribute the pot. Johnson, his daughter and five students were arrested in the case. Johnson faces a host of drug charges, including delivery of a controlled substance to a minor. No word on the fate of the students involved, as it's Spring Break this week for the Brevard County school system so they're closed.(

What the What?

All this time you thought you knew former first lady Barbara Bush, but you didn't know everything. Jenna Bush Hager, one of George W. Bush's twin daughters, appeared on the Today show this week and shared a bit of info about her grandmother's anatomy that was kind of a family secret. She told Kathie Lee Gifford, "Do you want to know the truth? My grandma's missing a toe on each foot!" Gifford asked, "Has she ever divulged that?" to which Bush Hager replied, "Not that I know of," adding the 91-year-old Bush's feet are "darling" and "cute," despite only sporting eight balancing digits. (Newser)

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