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Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Here's your tip of the day, guys: Every woman loves to hear her man tell her she's beautiful. But just saying, "Honey, you're gorgeous!" or "Do you know how cute you are?" have been overused. If you want to surprise her and touch her heart, keep reading. Thanks to Grammarly.com we have three amazing ways to compliment her good looks and make her feel she truly is beautiful.

1. Winsome

Definition: cheerful, pleasant, appealing.
Fun Fact: Rather than relating to victory, the win- of winsome comes from the Old English word wyn, which means pleasure or delight.
Use: "Your smile is so winsome that I remember it even when we're apart."

2. Stunning

Definition: very beautiful or pleasing; striking beauty.
Fun Fact: Stunning can be applied to anything excellent, from a goal to a hat.
Use: "When you gaze into my eyes, I see your stunning face so filled with love. And that fills me with delight."

3. Comely

Definition: pleasing in appearance; pretty or attractive.
Fun Fact: Comely can apply to a person's appearance or behavior. Either way, it means attractive.
Use: "Your incredible sense of style is only one of the reasons you are so comely."

Or use all three: "Do you know what is most stunning about you? Your winsome smile is most comely."

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