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Thursday, May 18, 2017


On this date in 1642, the city of Montreal was founded. Wisely, they put it in Canada. By the way, "Montreal" is French for "major league baseball probably won't work here."

In 1804, the French Senate made Napoleon Bonaparte France's new Emperor, choosing him over his opponent Hillary Clintone. Some were angry at first, thinking he should was stood up for the honor... but then, it turned out, he was already standing. Yeah, short dude.

On this date in 1852, school attendance in the U.S. was made compulsory. Education is an important part of our society and I'm sure I'll think this was a good idea, as soon as I find out what "compulsory" means.

In 1860, at the Republican Party convention in Chicago, IL, Abraham Lincoln was nominated for president. The gig came with the job and a lifetime of free theater tickets.

On this date in 1914, the very ship went through the Panama Canal. It did much better than the very first car. It was said to be much easier than swimming it. Things went great until they got to the toll booth and they didn't have exact change.

In 1927, Grauman's Chinese Theater opened up in Hollywood. That's the place with all the handprints and footprints of the stars. The rumor is that it could close forever if funding isn't found.

It was on this date back in 1980, that Mount St. Helens had its first major eruption since 1857. The Washington state volcano shot steam and ash 11 miles into the air.
  • It took 1300 feet off the mountain. More than just a little off the top. 
  • Yes, it made a big ash out of itself. 
  • It was nothing more than a good, old-fashioned ash-kicking. 
  • If only Starbucks had been around back then. They could have harnessed the steam to make the world's biggest latte! 
  • Since then, things have returned back to normal and Washington State has pretty much covered it's ash. 
On this date in 2005, Randy Johnson, at age 40, becomes the oldest pitcher in major league history to throw a perfect game. He not only retired 27 batters in a row, but the beer vender didn't spill a drop of beer. How perfect was that game!


Rapper Special Ed turns 45 today. There's not a single joke here that I can do that would pass the PC police.

Tina Fey turns 47 today. Whatever she buys herself for her birthday, I'm sure she'll use her American Express Blue card. I'm pretty sure Sarah Palin isn't getting her anything.

Chow Yun-Fat turns 62 today. Besides being an actor, he's quite the martial arts expert. Of course, with a last name of "Fat," that tends to toughen you up as a kid.

Country legend George Strait turns 65 today. He's sold over 68 million records during his career. Of course, that was back when you bought records.

Rick Wakeman hits 68. He was the keyboard player for "Yes." Is he still with "Yes"? Well, no, but he's thinking about teaming up with one of the formerband members and forming a new group called "Maybe."

Mr. October was actually born in May -- baseball's Reggie Jackson turns 71 today. Boy, you pose for one woman's magazine and that title just never goes away.

Albert Hammond turns 73 today. Years ago he had a hit, "It Never Rains in California." Of course, he also sang a song called, "Arnold Would Never Cheat on Maria."

International Museum Day -- Esquire offers information on some interesting museums appealing to men:
  • International Bowling Museum, St. Louis -- Explore 5,000 years of pin games, not to mention a serious collection of vintage bowling trophies, in this 50,000-square-foot space. You can also roll a few. 800-966-2695; Key artifact: Poster illustrating how bowling balls were used as weapons by Vikings.
  • Classic Car Museum, Sarasota, FL -- Four acres of land housing more than 125 cars: The RoboCop patrol car, The Dukes of Hazard's General Lee, the original Batmobile, and the original Starsky & Hutch Ford Gran Torino have all rotated through. 941-355-6228; Key artifacts: John Lennon's 1965 Mercedes 230 SL and Sir Paul's Mini.
  • Hamburger Museum, Daytona Beach, FL -- While collector and curator Harry Sperl is of German descent, he is (sadly) not from the city of Hamburg. Nonetheless, he owns the world's biggest collection of hamburger related items, including banks, biscuit jars, clocks, hats, magnets, music boxes, slat and pepper shakers, stuffed toys, towels, and plenty of Hamburglar action figures. The museum is located in his house. Key artifacts: The hamburger waterbed and the hamburger motorcycle.

It's Visit Your Relatives Day -- 

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