Here are some tips on how to stop that annoying guy in the office from hitting on you, according to employee-relations expert Mona Rexfield of Chicago:

Bring in a picture of your boyfriend
If you don't have a boyfriend, borrow a photo of your toughest looking, no-necked relative, frame it and prop it up on your desk.

Badmouth a former lover
When you're at the water cooler, talk openly about how your last guy was a major flop between the sheets. Unless your pursuer is dead certain he's a stallion in bed himself, he'll back off quick.

Talk Commitment
You can use reverse psychology to send a false-hearted playboy running for cover. When he asks you for a date, go ahead, then over dinner start chewing his ear off about "our relationship."

Cool him down
The cold-water treatment is a tried-and-true method of putting a pesky womanizer in his place. Next time he makes a raunchy remark about, or suggests a sex act, walk calmly to his desk and pour a glass of ice-cold water in his lap.

We're not talking sexual harassment here, but has a guy ever been so aggressive you had to take action?


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