You give away a bit of yourself every time you choose a particular present for a friend or loved one, experts say. Here's what your gift giving says about you:

  • Early shopper -- You're a practical person who takes advantage of sales throughout the year. You're also quite perceptive and always find unique gifts that fit your recipient to a T.
  • Homemade gifter -- You get a real charge out of producing something with your own hands to show your love. Your gifts are proof of your entrepreneurial talent and winning can do spirit.
  • Pet pal -- You never forget your furry friends when it's time for presents. You're an altruistic sort who never expects anything in return, and your independent spirit assures your rebel status.
  • Best wrapper -- You're delighted when your painstaking efforts result in an enthusiastic response. That's because you're a warm hearted person who's sensitive to the needs of others.
  • Last minute buyer -- You love nothing better than taking a risk that offers adventure and excitement. You're a free spirit who chafes under constraints and is always anxious to get on with life.


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