( You can simply break out the party hats and horns, or plan a themed party for your kids on New Year's Eve.

Pajama party
Skip the fancy dresses and dapper suits and instead ask that the kids come in their comfortable and warm pajamas. The other parents will love this idea, especially when they are carrying their sleepy children to their bed after returning home from your party. Or, if you are hosting just a few kids, make it a sleepover. It doesn't matter if the little ones drift off before midnight, because they'll already be in their sleeping bags.

Dance party
Make a playlist or mix CD of kid-friendly tunes, like the song from Kidz Bop. If you have a gaming system, purchase the Just Dance Kids video games to keep the kids entertained and take the pressure off of you -- teaching them how to dance.

Karaoke party
Rent or buy a karaoke machine and let the kids be as loud as they want while singing their favorite songs. Many karaoke machines hook up to your TV and Blu-ray player so that you can watch the kids "singing" live, and also record it to watch for years to come.

Movie marathon
Most kids won't want to sit around watching the New Year's Eve specials on TV. So instead, rent a few movies. Depending on the age of the party guests, consider renting movies that have two or more sequels: Toy Story, Kung Fu Panda, Cars, Harry Potter, The Twilight Saga, etc.

Craft party
In between the eating, dancing, singing and movie watching, you can keep the kids busy with fun New Year's Eve crafts. Set up different craft stations with age appropriate crafts. Remember that little ones shouldn't be unsupervised around things that can be easily swallowed, such as beads, sequins, etc. Pipe cleaner fireworks are an easy (and fun) craft that children love making on New Year's Eve. Learn how to make them and other New Year's crafts for kids.


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