Want to live longer and be happier doing it? Then pray or attend your place of worship. Incredibly, oodles of scientific studies have concluded that folks who attend religious services regularly and/or believe in God and pray, live longer and happier lives. Here are some of the amazing findings:

  • In 2006, University of Texas scientists discovered that those who attended religious services live 7 years longer. 
  • In 2006, the American Society of Hypertension found that churchgoers have lower blood pressure. 
  • In 2004, UCLA researchers found that religious students were healthier emotionally and mentally. 
  • A decade old study of patients with broken hips discovered that those who believed in God were less depressed and recovered sooner. 
  • Other studies concluded that believers with breast cancer recovered faster and those with arthritis and heart disease showed greater improvement. 
  • And a 1999 survey found that people who prayed regularly had stronger immune systems.


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