Men's Health sniffed and scratched around for the facts about our barking buddies:
  • Jack is the most popular male name the average guy gives to his pup
  • Bella is the most popular female name the average guy gives to his pup
  • Labrador retriever is the average guy's favorite dog breed
  • German shepherd is the breed most likely to help a guy attract a date
  • 37 percent of men have used their dog as a wingman
  • 52 percent have told their dog a secret they have kept from everyone else
  • 88 percent of poochless guys want their own dog
  • 77 percent say their eventual life partner must be a dog lover
  • 65 percent of guys have found themselves on the receiving end of a canine 's bite
  • 25 percent of guys wish their own yipping dog was not actually such a wuss
  • 5 years is the average guy's dog's age in human years
  • Sleeping all day is the aspect of a dog's life the average guy envies most
  • 10 percent is the number of slobs who never pick up after their mutt in public
  • 51 percent of men let their canine companion dine on table scraps
  • 44 percent is the segment of guys with dogs who say their pooch, not a braking personal trainer, whipped them into shape
  • 22 percent is the portion of men who spend $20 thousand or more to save their four-legged friend's life
  • 44 percent of men will not boot Bubba out of the bedroom when they are getting busy
  • 15 percent of guys have dolled up Fido in a sweater or other clothing
  • 75 percent of men say no to a pint size pup
  • 2 percent the number of dog lovers who also secretly like cats

The top 3 reasons the average guy's pooch ends up in the doghouse are barking all the time, will not fetch, or sit, or roll-over and wee-weeing on the carpet. The top 3 reasons why the average guys has held off on adopting a furry friend: no time, the landlord says "no way" and no space.


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