Being successful in life, as well as happier, could be a magic trick. Well, provided you wield a magic wand that instills in you good habits. Medium.com has identified eight powerful habits. They're simple, but pack a punch. If you adopt them and faithfully practice them every day, your life could change for the better. Hey, it's worth a try, right? Here are eight daily habits that will make you more successful:

Keep a schedule
Make a daily to-do list of the big things you want to accomplish and then create a schedule to make sure they get done. Focus on the most complicated, must-complete tasks. (Hint: If you have a hard time getting started, it's OK to begin with a small task for a quick win.)

Put your alarm clock out of arm's reach, preferably on the other side of the bedroom
Having to get out of bed to turn off that annoying sound will actually help you wake up and get moving faster. (Hint: Turn on the lights before you turn off the alarm.)

Spend one minute exercising in the morning -- before you do anything else
Drop and give me 20! An ideal routine is 10 pushups, 20 squats and a 30-second plank. (Hint: If you do this immediately after turning off the alarm, it ensures you won't go back to bed.)

Separate planning from execution
Before you go to bed, plan what you will do the next day. Break down the steps you need to complete each task. The more detailed it is, the better. (Hint: Having a plan means you always know what you need to do next.)

When you're feeling emotional, delay your response
You get an email that makes your blood boil! Calmly close it and wait a while before you respond. If you're hit with something emotional during a conversation, take a few seconds before you speak. Strong emotions--from anger to excitement--can cloud your judgment. (Hint: When you delay your response in an emotional situation, you're forcing others to do the same. That means everyone can make a better decision.)

Clean up messes as soon as you make them
Mom was right. Make up your bed in the morning. Wash the dishes after you eat. Tidy your desk before you stop work at day's end. Why? Messes can occupy your mind, distracting you from the important tasks at hand. (Hint: It's easier to start working again tomorrow if your desk isn't cluttered.)

Meditate for two minutes a day
Meditation is a proven way to clean up mental clutter, as well as improve your cognition and emotional well-being. That's a big payoff for just two minutes of your time. To meditate, sit in a comfy chair in a quiet place. Close your eyes. Relax. Quiet your mind and focus on breathing slowly and deeply. (Hint: Consistency is more important than duration, so make sure you do this every day.)

Plan your weekend on Thursday
Don't waste your mental energy on Friday night trying to figure out how you're going to do everything you want to do over the weekend. Make concrete plans in advance and leave nothing vague or open-ended. (Hint: When you go to bed Thursday night, you should know exactly what you're doing all weekend.)


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