On this date in 1571, Spanish troops invaded Manila. Suddenly, they had all the envelopes they could ever want.

In 1831, bank employee Ed Smith grabbed $245,000 in the first ever bank robbery in America at the New York City Bank.
  • He wanted to rob some place and he really hated traveling. 
  • The great thing about robbing a bank when you have the name Ed Smith -- you don't have to come up with an alias. 
  • A bank employee described the robber to police and he was later arrested. That's how bank employees got the name, "tellers." 
In 1865, a plot to kidnap Abraham Lincoln fell apart because of last minute schedule changes. Would-be kidnapper John Wilkes Booth shot Lincoln about one month later. You kids listening at home, let that be a lesson to you about persistence. Probably not the best lesson, but a lesson none the less.

On this date in 1883, Jan Matzeliger invented the very first automatic shoe-making machine was unveiled.
  • This despite the protests of magic elves. 
  • The machine was big enough to hold 6 elves. 
  • There were bugs to work out. For example, at first, it only made three at a time. 
  • While the machine made shoes, it gave a lot of workers the boot. 

In 1917, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the 8-hour work day. Blame them.

On this date in 1918, congress approved the idea of Daylight Saving Time. And of course, things haven't changed since 1918.

In 1931, the state of Nevada legalized gambling, in spite of the odds. And the rest is history. Now it's such a part of their culture, people tell time by looking at slot machines.


Spring arrives tomorrow. At exactly 12:15 EDT.

Today is St. Joseph's Day, the patron saint of children's aspirin. It's the day that the swallows return to the California Mission San Juan Capistrano. The mission, should you choose to accept it, is to try and keep your windshield clean.

Bruce Willis is 63 today, 59 years older than his hair.
  • Yes, he'll be turning 63... with a vengeance. 
  • We'll know when he gets to the final "Die Hard" movie when it's called, "Die Hardest." Can't go higher than that. 
  • Happy birthday, yippie-yo ky-ay, mother... Teresa! 

Harvey Weinstein turns 66 today. I'm pretty sure he's not going to get what he wants for his birthday, no matter what it is.

Glenn Close celebrates birthday number 71 today. I know she was acting in "Fatal Attraction," but I still wouldn't let her near my pet bunny. Or, I'd make fun of her, but I'm afraid she'd boil my rabbit.

Lynda Bird Johnson, the daughter of President Lyndon Johnson, turns 74 today. All of the women in their family had the middle name, bird. Lady Bird Johnson, Lynda Bird Johnson, Big Bird Johnson...


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