• The Queen has given her official consent for Harry and Meghan's upcoming wedding. 
  • The Stormy Daniels interview on "60 Minutes" is scheduled for this Sunday, unless legal action blocks it. 
  • A five-story penthouse across the street from Trump Tower is in contract for $180 million -- and if it sells, it will be New York City's most expensive condo sale ever. 
  • With all the accusations about Russian activities, there's talk of boycotting the upcoming World Cup there. 
  • Conductor James Levine is suing the Metropolitan Opera after they fired him for sexual misconduct allegations. 
  • Cheese consumption in the U.S. hit an all-time high last year is expected to rise even higher this year, according to a recent U.S. Department of Agriculture report. 
  • Pickle juice slushies are coming to Sonic. You have been warned. 
  • Bill Cosby got a retrial, but it's going to come with the testimony of five additional accusers testifying. 
  • In Germany, one of their food banks banned migrants from getting anything so that they'd be taking care of Germans first. 
  • There's a documentary coming out about the final days of Aaron Hernandez. 
  • James Adomian, a 38-year-old comedian, is claiming that "Saturday Night Live" has never hired any gay comedians... and that's why they've never had him on. 
  • Psychology Today reports 35 percent of couples in a U.S. sample had a commitment mismatch. Paris, France, is where people were most likely to split up if the less invested partner was female. 
  • The mayor of Honolulu has approved a temporary ban on "monster" houses of 3,500 square feet or larger. 
  • A couple in Afghanistan have named their son Donald Trump. 
  • Quarterback Josh McCown signed his contract with the New York Jets while he was at a Chick-fil-A. 
  • Don't say the word 'winter' in Erie, Pennsylvania. This year, they could hit 200-inches of snow for the season.


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