Chocolate Chip Cookie Week -- March 12-19. There's more going on inside your cookie jar than meets your taste buds. In fact, psychologists have discovered that the way your cookie crumbles reveals the flavor of your personality, says family therapist Jim Franklin.

Chocolate Chip
You're as American as apple pie, and you're raising your kids with the traditional values you treasure. Your low-key approach to life makes you a favorite with family and friends because you bring a steadying influence to the most chaotic situations.

Ginger Snaps
You're bold, brave and in search of excitement. Life is never dull when you're around, and both kids and adults are attracted by your zest for life. You never shy away from new adventures, leading a happy band of friends and family who'll gladly follow you anywhere.

Graham Crackers
You're softhearted and kind with a taste for nostalgia. You have many fond memories of your childhood, and your closet is probably stuffed with keepsakes from years gone by. But you don't dwell on the past because you're too busy making memories today.

Vanilla Wafers
You have uncanny intuitive powers that give you the unique ability to size up a situation or a person with breathtaking accuracy. Loved ones caught up in complex problems often turn to you for advice because they know you'll steer them in the right direction.

Sandwich Cookies
Whether you eat the creme filling first or dunk them in milk, your choice says you're a creative person with a vivid imagination. A born storyteller, you're often the center of attention at parties, regaling your pals with funny, sometimes outrageous, tales.

Fig Newtons
Quiet, reserved and mature, your keen mind makes you a force to be reckoned with. You always have your "ducks in a row." Just don't forget, spontaneity is a good thing too.

Sugar Cookies
You're a nonconformist who believes that variety is the spice of life. Your avid interest in a multitude of subjects, teamed with your antiestablishment sensibility, makes you a challenging companion. You may not always take the safe path, but there's no doubt that life with you is never dull.

As homespun and down-to-earth as a comfy pair of slippers, you're a genius at making others feel loved. Your family and friends blossom under the warmth of your generous spirit, while your practical approach to problems helps you find the best route to a solution that satisfies everyone involved.

You present a placid face to the world, but beneath your calm facade beats the heart of a passionate romantic. In fact, those closest to you would be amazed by your colorful fantasy life. Once you've found the right partner, you're able to give this untapped side free rein with totally satisfying results.


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