That first impression is arguably the most decisive moment in a potential romance, since it pretty much determines whether or not you two possible lovebirds will ever want to see each other again. Basically the entire future of your potential relationship hangs in that moment when you introduce yourself and say hello. (No pressure!) Don't want to mess up that important first moment? Then avoid these common mistakes.

Sneak Attacks
The idea of the pickup isn't to pounce on unsuspecting prey. You're trying to get a date, not a show on the Discovery Channel. Make sure you've scoped out your quarry from across the room and shared some eye contact before you move in for the kill. This way, you'll give your target time to warm up to you or to move away if they're uninterested (thus saving you the sting of rejection).

Your date-to-be is chatting about their recent jury duty experience, which reminds you of the time you sneaked onto the set of "Law & Order." This kind of faux segue is a big no-no. As fascinating and amazing as you are, self-promotion still looks arrogant. Make that first meeting all about getting to know the other person. Not only will you get to be the mysterious, alluring stranger, but you'll actually have something left to say for the first date.

Being (Totally) Yourself
You should be yourself - but the best version of yourself. Suppress your bad mood if you've had a rough day. Control your finger tapping and leg twitching if you're feeling jittery. Forget about - and don't even think about mentioning! - your sad bank balance, your annoying boss or the pimple you think you're getting.

Fearing Rejection
There's no point in fearing rejection when there is a 100 percent chance that it will, someday, happen to you. It's just a matter of not taking those occasional strikeouts personally. Resist the urge to think you're an unlovable ogre. Go ahead and wallow in self-denial if it helps. Maybe the timing is all wrong, or they're seeing someone or they're just unwilling to share their bed with anything other than their forty cats. It's not you, it's them!


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