What kind of shape are you in? The answer lies in the shape that most appeals to you. "Day in and day out, shapes are an elemental part of our lives," says psychologist Raymond Schultz. "And the ones that you're instinctively drawn to directly relate to the most basic aspects of what it takes to make you happy." 

If you're partial to this shape, chances are you're in the middle of making big changes in your life. You could be contemplating anything from starting a new career to dumping your boyfriend. Whatever has or is about to happen, just remember that the chaos is temporary and contentment is on the way.

You're seldom at a loss for a solution to problems both at home and at work. A creative thinker with a can-do attitude, you exude a confidence that draws others to your camp, eager to follow your lead. You're at your best when given free rein to blaze a new trail for a cause that you feel passionate about.

This six-sided silhouette indicates you're a person on the cutting edge of the latest in trends and popular opinion. But although you know what's in and what's out, you have strong notions of your own and don't mind bucking a current fashion. In fact, there's nothing you like more than starting your own fad.

You're the forthright type who seeks close relationships with those you consider intellectual and emotional equals. You adore a lively debate -- even taking the devil's advocate role if it will keep a spirited conversation flowing. Your rep for cleverness makes you a popular party guest who's flooded with invitations.

You don't like surprises, and you keep confusion at bay by organizing most every minute of your day. This buttoned-down attitude gives your family a feeling of solid security. But you are allowed to cut loose once in a while and show your silly side to your loved ones. Your kids will feel closer to you as a result.


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