Your dog's breed that truly speaks volumes about what kind of owner you are. That's because owners typically identify with animals who have similar personality traits, quirks, and physical activity levels. To identify which breeds bestow which qualities, we asked the AKC and ASPCA for insight. Their answers are based on scientific studies of breed behavior, and the buying habits of pet owners. 

  • English Bull Dog - You are a cut up 
  • Dalmatian - You are a hard worker 
  • Poodle - You tend to be detail-oriented and appreciate art and culture 
  • Golden Retriever - You are very social, and like to be around people 
  • Chihuahua - You are a mischief maker! 
  • Pit Bull - You're eager to please 
  • Cocker Spaniel - You are family oriented and nurturing 
  • Beagle - These owners are inquisitive and willing to learn new things 
  • Border Collie - You love the great outdoors 
  • Shitzhu - You would rather be home reading a book


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