Born On This Day...

In 1608 Scientist, Evangelista Torricelli (invented the barometer)
In 1829 Astronomer, Asaph Hall (discovered the moons of Mars)
In 1844 German philosopher/poet, Friedrich Nietzsche
In 1858 Boxer, John L. Sullivan (heavyweight champion, 1882-92)
In 1872 Edith Bolling Galt Wilson, second wife of President Woodrow Wilson
In 1880 Scientist/educator, Marie Stopes (birth control advocate)
In 1881 English author/humorist, Pelham Wodehouse (created Jeeves)
In 1896 Actor/panelist, Melville Cooper (I've Got A Secret)
In 1904 American social activist, Marty Mann [d: 7-22-80]
In 1906 Editor/publisher, Alicia Patterson (founded Newsday) [d: 7-2-62]
In 1908 Economist, John Kenneth Galbraith [d: 4-29-06]
In 1909 Baseball player, Melvin Harder (Indians) [d: 10-20-02]
In 1909 Broadcast journalist, Robert Trout (ABC News) [d: 11-14-00]
In 1917 Actress, Jan Miner (Madge in Palmolive commercials) [d: 2-15-04]
In 1917 Author/historian, Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. [d: 2-28-07]
In 1918 Playwright, Robert Edwin Lee (Inherit The Wind) [d: 7-8-94]
In 1920 Sportscaster, Chris Economaki (ABC Sports) [d: 9-28-12]
In 1920 Author, Mario Puzo (The Godfather) [d: 7-2-99]
In 1920 Actor, Robert Rockwell (Our Miss Brooks, Growing Pains) [d: 1-25-03]
In 1924 Automobile executive/author, Lee Iacocca (ex-Chrysler Corp) [d: 7-2-19]
In 1925 Singer/songwriter, Mickey Baker (Mickey & Sylvia) [d: 11-27-12]
In 1926 Writer/novelist, Evan Hunter (The Blackboard Jungle) [d: 7-6-05]
In 1926 Actress, Jean Peters (Viva Zapata!, Apache) [d: 10-13-00]
In 1928 Actor, Mark Lenard (Sarek-Star Trek) [d: 11-22-96]
In 1934 Actor, Peter Haskell (Bracken's World, Rich Man Poor Man) [d: 4-12-10]
In 1935 Singer/actor, Barry McGuire (Eve of Destruction) (86)
In 1935 Track athlete, Bobby Morrow (Olympic-3 Gold-1956) [d: 5-30-20]
In 1937 Actress/singer, Linda Lavin (Barney Miller, Alice, B-Positive) (84)
In 1938 Singer/composer, Fela Kuti (Afrobeat) [d: 8-2-97]
In 1941 Drummer, Don Stevenson (Moby Grape) (80)
In 1943 Actress/director, Penny Marshall (Laverne & Shirley) [d: 12-17-18]
In 1945 Sportscaster, Jim Palmer (Monday Night Baseball) (76)
In 1946 Drummer/keyboardist, Richard Carpenter (The Carpenters) (75)
In 1948 Singer/songwriter, Chris de Burgh (Lady in Red) (73)
In 1948 Drummer, Lance Dickerson (Commander Cody) (73)
In 1951 Tennis player, Roscoe Tanner (70)
In 1953 Singer/guitarist, Tito Jackson (The Jacksons) (68)
In 1953 Comedian/actor, Larry Miller (Pursuit of Happiness, Dilbert) (68)
In 1954 Actor, Jere Burns (Kirk-Dear John, Mommies, Something So Right) (67)
In 1955 Actress, Tanya Roberts (Charlie's Angels, A View To A Kill) [d: 1-4-21]
In 1957 Actress, Jayne Modean (Nurse Hooter-Trauma Center) (64)
In 1958 Actress, Renee Jones (Lexie-Days Of Our Lives) (63)
In 1959 Author, Sarah Ferguson (the Duchess of York) (62)
In 1959 Chef, Emeril Lagasse (Emeril Live) (62)
In 1966 Singer, Eric Benet (55)
In 1966 Actor, Jeffrey Jacquet (Eugene-Mork and Mindy, Whiz Kids) (55)
In 1968 Actress, Vanessa Marcil (Brenda-General Hospital, The Rock) (53)
In 1969 TV host, Paige Davis (Trading Spaces) (52)
In 1970 R&B singer, Ginuwine (51)
In 1973 Actor, Paul Logan (Days of Our Lives) (48)
In 1978 Actor, Devon Gummersall (Brian-My So Called Life, ID4) (43)
In 1981 Singer, Keyshia Cole (40)
In 1982 Actor, Toran Caudell (Rod-7th Heaven) (39)
In 1985 Dancer, Dominic Sandoval (America's Best Dance Crew) (36)
In 1989 Boxer, Anthony Joshua (Olympics-Gold-2012) (32)
In 1990 Actor, Brennan Mejia (American Horror Story, 90210, iCarly) (31)
In 1992 Actor, Vincent Martella (Everybody Hates Chris) (29)
In 1994 Actress, James Lastovic (Days of Our Lives) (27)
In 1995 Actor, William Brent (Lab Rats) (26)
In 1999 Actress, Bailee Madison (Wizards of Waverly Place) (22)
In 2004 Actress, Mimi Kirkland (Safe Haven) (17)


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