Slap A Teacher????

Connecticut Attorney General William Tong wants to talk to TikTok leadership to discuss the "Slap a Teacher" challenge currently making the rounds on the app. Tong tweeted: "TikTok fails to control the spread of dangerous content. In CT, vandalism closed schools and the new ‘Slap a Teacher' challenge may put educators at risk. I am urging TikTok to come to CT to meet with educators and parents and commit to reforms that stop this reckless content." The disturbing challenge involves a student calmly approaching a teacher and slapping them. Then of course posting the encounter on TikTok. It was scheduled to begin in October, though it does not seem to have caught on yet to a significant extent. However, parents in Lancaster County, South Carolina were warned after an elementary school student appeared to have followed through with the disturbing dare. Tong also wrote: "Simply put, whatever TikTok has been doing to enforce its terms of service has not been working and merits serious review and reform. I ask that you share a detailed description of all policies and procedures in place to prevent against abuse and misuse of your platform." (The Hill)


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