The Greatest Quarterback You've Never Heard Of

When he was only seven, Jasen Bracy became completely blind due to retinoblastoma - a type of cancer that causes tumors in the retina. But that hasn't kept him from his dream of playing football and he's now a quarterback for the Modesto Raiders in California! The 15-year-old grew up attending local games with his dad who would narrate the action going down on the field. He fell in love with the sport and knew that he had to try it. So he started practicing with his dad, and two years ago started contacting area football teams to see if they'd have him. David Nichols, coach of the Modesto Raiders, admits that the first time he saw Jasen he asked himself "how am I going to do this?" But after seeing the boy play, he realized that the kid "could do anything." What Jasen lacks in vision, he more than makes up for in spatial awareness and memory, knowing exactly where his teammates are supposed to be, and throwing the ball with pinpoint accuracy. Amazingly, most of the time, the players on the opposing team don't even know that Jasen is blind, so they treat him like any other player - and he wouldn't have it any other way. Jasen says, "I don't tell them, not before or after the game, so they don't even think about easing up on me. I'm the quarterback, and one of the quarterback's jobs is leading the team. As a leader, I have to take control of this team, lead them through good and bad times no matter the situation I have to get us through." Along with memorizing the plays, his dad walks him through what's going on the field using a walkie-talkie. Oh, and he's also pretty good at swimming and baseball too, but his dream is to play for the NFL one day. (Oddity Central)


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