Operation Sperm Whale Puke

Okay - it may not have been the sexiest sting operation on police history, but officers in India did seize 17 pounds of illegal sperm whale vomit - worth over a million bucks! It's technically called ambergris and it's a waxy material found in the intestines of sperm whales. They use it in the production of high-end perfumes. When sperm whales have a stomach or throat irritant, they wrap it with a greasy substance (ambergris) and cast it out. The mass then floats a foot below the sea's surface and can only be collected by those who are aware of it. However, because the sperm whale is endangered, it is unlawful to utilize ambergris in the United States; yet, it is widely used in other countries. In India, the drug is also illegal. Forest officials in India, laid a trap after getting information that a "gang" was attempting to sell the drug to global markets. After offering to sell 17 pounds of ambergris to the undercover officers, two men were arrested. (Washington Newsday)


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