The Stowaway Game? Seriously?

A man critically injured on a highway in Nashville Monday night may have been playing an incredibly dangerous game. Nashville police say the man was seen on the side of Interstate 40 trying to stop vehicles. Police say he jumped on a stopped tractor-trailer "for reasons unknown" and fell from it after the driver, fearing he was going to be robbed, drove away at 15 to 30 mph, hoping the man would jump off. Police say the man hung on to the truck's rear-view mirror and tried to pull the driver's door open. He was hospitalized with a critical head injury. It's not clear whether he jumped or fell from the truck. Police are worried this may part of something called the "stowaway game" where people try to ride on the side of semi-trucks undetected. In a Facebook post, police said, "We realize this may come as a surprise to some, but riding on the outside of a semi-truck that is going 65 to 75 mph, or any moving vehicle on I-285, I-75 or any other road, at any speed, is a death wish of sorts. If the person getting the 'free ride' loses their balance and falls off, or jumps off the moving vehicle," they are likely to be hit by other cars, possibly causing a multi-vehicle collision!" (WKRN)


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