What the What?

A 12-year-old boy from Indonesia's South Sumatra province has made international news headlines because of his bizarre name. It's - and we kid you not - ABCDEF GHIJK. Yep, his parents actually named him after the first 11 letters in the English alphabet. The bizarre discovery came to light thanks to a vaccination drive organized by the local police. Health workers originally thought the boy's name was a joke until they saw the same name, ABCDEF GHIJK, on his official ID. The junior high school student said that in the beginning he was laughed at and even bullied because of his unusual name, but in time he had grown to be proud of it. Still, he goes by Adef, which is much easier to remember and pronounce. The boy's father told reporters that he was an avid crossword puzzle fan and that he had always dreamed of becoming a writer. He apparently loved the alphabet so much that he was prepared to name his second child "NOPQ RSTUV" and the third "XYZ." But his wife did not go along this time so the couple's next two sons were named Ammar and Attur. Weird names have actually become somewhat of a tradition in Indonesia lately. Earlier this year another dad named his newborn after his workplace - Statistical Information Communication Office. No kidding. (Oddity Central)


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